“What about Samsung, Apple threat is real”…iPhone seems to be number one in sales

Global smartphone shipments this year are expected to토토사이트 hit the lowest level in 10 years. In the midst of this, there is an analysis that only the premium market is growing, and Apple’s annual smartphone shipments can surpass Samsung Electronics and rise to the top for the first time.

According to Counterpoint Research, a global market research firm on the 18th, global smartphone shipments this year are expected to record 1.15 billion units. This is a 6.5% decrease from the previous year (1.225 billion units). This is the lowest ever since 2013 (1.049 billion units).

Counterpoint Research attributed the slump in the North American and Asian markets to the main cause. In particular, as China’s economic recovery has slowed down, demand for smartphones has declined significantly. In North America, despite a strong job market and falling inflation, demand for smartphones is declining, Counterpoint Research said.

However, the premium smartphone market continued to grow, and Apple expected to benefit from it. More than 90% of the smartphones Apple sells are premium products. On the other hand, 70-80% of Samsung’s products are low-end products such as Galaxy A.

Counterpoint Research said, “Unlike the overall smartphone market decline, the premium phone market is showing relatively elasticity. .

Accordingly, it is predicted that Apple will be able to take the top spot in terms of shipments this year, overtaking Samsung. Apple outperforms Samsung by more than two times in terms of smartphone sales, but it lags behind Samsung by 2-3 percentage points (p) per year in shipments.

Counterpoint Research emphasized, “If Apple does not face the same production problems this year as it did last year, it could become the world’s No. 1 in annual shipments for the first time ever thanks to premium market growth.”

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