Valencia fan who shouted ‘monkey’ towards Vinicius was arrested… “Take strong action” – “Sue to the prosecution” Desperate move

Fans who committed racist acts against Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid) were caught by the Valencia club. 

Valencia beat Real Madrid 1-0 in the 35th round of the 2022-2023 Primera Liga held in Mestaya, Valencia, Spain on the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time). Valencia, who were in danger of relegation, climbed to 13th place with 40 points. With three games left, they are five points clear of the relegation zone. 

Regardless of win or loss, fans are criticized for their support culture. “Vinicius is a monkey!” the Valencia home crowd chanted at Real Madrid striker Vinicius Junior throughout the game. It is an insulting racist attack towards a black player.

In the end, at the end of the second half, four months arose. As spectators threw filth, Vinicius got excited and pointed at the Valencia home fans. Players from both teams ran to stop Vinicius. In the process, a physical fight ensued and Vinicius was sent off.

Footage from the scene was shared on social media. Valencia fans laughed brightly and shouted the word “monkey!” several times. It’s an expression that doesn’t feel guilty at all, so it’s even more shocking. Everyone repeats the same words without anyone stopping them.

Vinicius left a long post on social media after the match. Vinicius criticized the La Liga Secretariat’s punishment for racist cotton bats, saying, “It’s not normal football, but racism took place in a La Liga game.”

“This racist attack is not the first, not the second, and not the third. Racism is normal in La Liga. Seeing how they deal with it in La Liga, it seems to encourage racism. The La Liga stage, once played by Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, has now become a place where racism is rampant. It hurts my heart,” he claimed.

Also, “I love Spain. Spain welcomed me too. But La Liga has spread racist behavior all over the world,” he said. “In my hometown, Brazil, Spain is considered a country of racists. It will be a tough fight, but I will fight racists until the end.”

The Valencia club issued a statement on the 23rd, saying, “According to the club’s commitment to all forms of racism and violence, the three members will be banned from the stadium for life.” 

“Valencia are also working with the police to identify the other perpetrators. From the moment the unfortunate incident occurred, the club has analyzed all available footage and is working quickly with the authorities to ensure that action can be taken swiftly and forcefully. “he said.  

Real Madrid also expressed strong dissatisfaction with Vinicius’ racism. 

Real Madrid said: “A racist attack also constitutes a hate crime. We have filed a case with the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the facts and clarify responsibility.”

Valencia also announced, “We oppose all forms of racism and violence. We have found a fan who made racist remarks to Vinicius and will take strong action.”

Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales strongly condemned at an official press conference held in Madrid, saying, “We have to recognize that Spain has a problem. This is a serious problem that taints the team, football fans, club and country.”

In addition, Vinicius, whose emotions boiled over during the match, collided with Valencia players at the end of the match, and received a red card for striking Valencia’s Hugo Duro in the face in the process.

The referee confirmed the scene of Vinicius hitting Duro through communication with video reviewers (VAR).메이저놀이터

There was a situation where Valencia players strangled Vinicius before Vinicius punched him, but only the scene of Vinicius hitting appeared in the on-field review video. Real Madrid protested that the decision was wrong, and the Spanish Football Federation fired all VAR officials involved in the match. / 

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