“Urawa! Urawa!” Al-Hilal collapsed by mental attacks from opposing team’s fans

Saudi Arabia’s prestigious Al Hilal are teased by fans of their opponents in their home league after failing to win the AFC Champions League. Fans of the opposing team are chanting ‘Urawa’ and performing ‘mental attacks’ on Al-Hilal players.

Al Hilal drew 2-2 against Al Ittihad in the 27th round of the 2022-2023 Saudi Arabia Professional League, which took place at Riyadh Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Stadium on the morning of the 17th (Korean time). Al-Hilal seems to have lost the momentum to pursue the lead after the draw that day. It only added 1 point, and is ranked 4th, 13 points short of 1st place Al Ittihad (63 points). The chance of winning has completely disappeared with this match draw.

The result of the game is the same, but the fact that it was a game in which I had to listen to Al Ittihad fans’ ridicule throughout the game is more heartbreaking. According to the Middle Eastern media <Kura>, Al Ittihad fans shouted “Urawa! Urawa!” at the Al-Hilal players throughout the game and provoked them. This Urawa means the Japanese club Urawa Reds.

There is a reason Al Ittihad fans shouted Urawa like this. Al Ittihad failed to win the 2022 AFC Champions League final, losing to Urawa. Al-Hilal drew 1-1 in the first leg of the final at King Fahd National Stadium on 30 April, then lost 0-1 in the second leg of the final at Saitama Stadium 2002 on 6 May. They lost 1-2 in the overall score and failed to win the championship, but it is inevitable that Al-Hilal will be bitter in that they gave away the championship cup with an own goal.카지노사이트

The Al Ittihad fans are what fueled that trauma. And as a result, the Al-Hilal players failed to win the championship by drawing 1-1 after a lethargic game, so the strategy can be seen as a success.

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