Unfortunate FW who experienced ‘malaria infection + critical mother + robbery invasion’ for a year

 Even if it is twisted, can it be twisted like this?

Various incidents have occurred in the past year, and there is a ‘unfortunate striker’ whose form has fallen due to it. That’s Chelsea’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

This is Obameyang, who joined Arsenal in 2018 and enjoyed his heyday. He rose to become a world-class striker, including becoming the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL). However, he suffered a decline after moving to Barcelona in 2022. Then, the same year he wore a Chelsea shirt, he became one of the worst strikers.

He has appeared in 15 league games in a Chelsea uniform this season, but scored only one goal. He started in the big match against Arsenal held on the 3rd, but was replaced as soon as the first half was over without showing much. Chelsea lost 1-3. Aubameyang is currently the player most criticized by Chelsea fans.메이저놀이터

The fall of a top player. Looking at the inside story, there was a reason. According to local media, a series of incidents that have harassed Aubameyang have occurred over the past year. He contracted malaria, and his mother was in critical condition. And a robber broke into a Barcelona house. He experienced everything in one year that he would never have experienced in his lifetime. He was in a situation where his form as a soccer player was bound to drop.

In this worst situation, a fan expressed his eternal support for Obameyang through social media. “I love you no matter what,” he said.

Then Obama replied. “Sometimes people forget what real life is, and I think I can’t control what’s going to happen in front of me,” he said. It was a statement that revealed his frustrating current state of mind.

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