Two more… O’Grady doesn’t have much time left.

“I have to show you the results… .”

Outfielder Brian O’Grady (31, Hanwha) was notified of going to the Futures (2nd division) once again. Prior to the game against LG in Jamsil on the 20th, the entry for the first team was canceled. Instead, infielder Lee Do-yoon was called up. Basically, it is a decision considering the team situation. There is a shortage of infielders. Shortstop Oh Seon-jin’s physical condition was not perfect, and rookie Mun Hyun-bin also headed to the outfield. Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho explained the background, saying, “We had to replace one outfielder and recruit an infielder,” and “Can’t we drop one of the existing outfielders who has no problems?”토스카지노

It’s a big pity. O’Grady is a foreign hitter that Hanhwa ambitiously recruited ahead of this season. He signed a contract for a total of $900,000 ($700,000 annual salary and $200,000 in incentives). In particular, I was expecting a hot room. He had a batting average of 0.256, 91 homers, and 345 RBIs in 658 minor league games. He also hit 15 homers in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) last year. Is it because the new league is unfamiliar? In 86 games, he has a batting average of 0.125 (10 hits in 80 at-bats) and 8 RBIs. There is no news about his anticipated home run. OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) is 0.337.

The team is also working hard. This is not the first time O’Grady has been in the second army. On the 23rd of last month, he was also canceled from the first team entry. He came up on the 11th after going through a readjustment process. Unfortunately, he didn’t show much change. After his return, he only had a batting average of 0.118 (2 hits in 17 at bats) in 5 games. He was vacated again after less than ten days. Director Choi Won-ho said, “In fact, I wished he had been a little longer (in the 2nd team) when he came down last time. He got a little better, but he didn’t quite come up.”

Already the second 2-gun line. It doesn’t mean immediate replacement. But it is true that there is not much time. For Hanwha, which is trying to make a leap forward this season, the role of an outside hitter is desperately needed. I can’t wait any longer. The key is how quickly O’Grady shows his skills. First of all, getting recognition from the 2nd group is the first thing. Coach Won-ho Choi said, “If you do well, there is no reason not to use it.” It would be nice to try again. Now we have to show the results.”

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