Turn the direction of Typhoon ‘Kanun’ to Korea? I think I’ll know the exact route by the weekend

In the midst of this, Typhoon Kanun No. 6 turned toward Korea. The typhoon is currently passing through the sea near Okinawa, Japan, and it is expected to boost the heat by pushing hot air toward Korea. We can find out by the weekend whether the typhoon will pass our country.

This is reporter Yuhanul.


The leaves of the street trees are blowing in the strong wind안전놀이터.

Branches break off and fall on the streets.

Typhoon Kanun, currently very powerful No. 6, approached Okinawa, Japan this afternoon (1st).

Because of this, Naha International Airport was closed, and evacuation orders were issued in some areas.

As of 3:00 p.m., Kanun is heading north through the sea around 190 km southeast of Okinawa.

Slowing down gradually, it is expected to remain stagnant for a long time in the East China Sea near Shanghai, China.

After the day after tomorrow, it is expected to gradually turn eastward and push more hot water vapor into our country.

[Park Seong-hee/Meteorological Administration Forecast Analyst: Sunny weather will continue in the subtropical high pressure area, and heat from Typhoon Kanun No. 6 moving north from the south will add heat waves and tropical nights for the time being.] The problem is next week


Currently, Kanun’s route is very flexible, but the Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that it could pass through the interior of the Korean Peninsula.

On the other hand, the Overseas Meteorological Administration predicted that it would pass through Jeju Island in Korea or Kyushu in Japan.

The Korea Meteorological Administration explained that the volatility of the surrounding high pressure is high, so we can know the exact route around this weekend.

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