Trash…This isn’t even soccer!” Spanish captain loses to Scotland after 39 years, explodes in anger

“It wasn’t crap football, it wasn’t even football.”

‘Spain captain’ Rodri (Man City) criticized Scotland for ‘wasting time’ after the defeat against Scotland.

Spain lost 0-2 to Scott McTominay in the Euro 2024 qualifier group A match held at Hampden Park in Glasco, Scotland on the 29th at 3:45 am (Korean time). Scotland, ranked 42nd in the FIFA rankings, accomplished a feat of defeating Spain (ranked 10th in the FIFA rankings) for the first time in 39 years since 1984. Spain recorded its first defeat in a Euro qualifier since October 2014 against Slovakia (1-2 loss). Spain in their last 19 matches

It recorded 17 wins and 2 draws, and it is the first time against Scotland to concede more than 2 goals in a game.

Immediately after the shocking rout, Rodry slammed Scotland’s ill-mannered play through Viaplay Sports. “This is how they play. You have to respect your opponent until the very end. To me it was kind of trashy. They tried to kill time, they provoked them and they always went down,” he claimed.

“To me, this is not football. I have to keep moving for a sport with a sense of speed. But the referee was also involved in this, and he did not say anything to take time,” he criticized. “It was really disappointing, because we wanted to win and it was hard because they took time off. But we can’t help it. It’s their weapon, we have ours. We’ll learn it for next time.” .

As for the blame for the Spaniards getting off too easily, he drew the line, saying, “It’s not.” “We wanted to participate in the battle and we always fight with a lot of fighting. This is not about fighting. It is just a story about wasting time. Four or five players fell and this situation continued,” he repeatedly criticized.

Scott McTominay, who led Scotland to a historic complete victory with a multi-goal that day, coolly acknowledged that there was an aspect of game management that both teams felt responsible for. “I think everyone on the pitch dived and slowed the game down a bit,” he said. “It wasn’t a clean game in that everyone got involved and committed fouls.메이저사이트” He added, “It must have been a difficult night for the referees as all the players made the most of everything.”

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