Tottenham, ‘shock crusher’, change the command tower again? Stellini’s retention discussions

 Tottenham Hotspur’s command tower will change again?

Tottenham have sacked Antonio Conte for poor performance. After that, he switched to the acting system of Christian Stellini.

The plan is to accelerate the appointment of a successor command tower while maintaining the acting system of Stellini until the end of the season.

However, the acting system of Stellini is also not smooth. In the 1-6 defeat in the game against Newcastle United, which was decisive in the fight for 4th place, the atmosphere that the next season’s Champions League appearance was virtually canceled is being sensed.

Tottenham are in a hurry. It seems that he is trying to replace the command tower again with shock therapy.메이저놀이터

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “After Tottenham’s crushing defeat against Newcastle, we are discussing the future of acting coach Stellini.”

Sky Sports reporter Paul Gilmour said: “The discussion is ongoing. It is unclear if Stellini will take charge of the upcoming match against Manchester United. His successor will be Ryan Mason.”

Mason has proven his leadership skills in the past, acting as an assistant manager when Jose Mourinho left the team.

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