Tottenham dominated by ‘Son Heung-min optimism’… ‘The appearance of Son Heung-min, who resembles the former Son Heung-min’

Tottenham of the English Premier League (EPL) is not getting their strength this season.

Manager Antonio Conte has been sacked due to unattractive performances and results. He was helplessly eliminated early in all competitions, including the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). In the EPL, the situation was pushed back to 5th place. This season is also unrelated.

But the season isn’t over yet. At least, there is one final task left to evaluate this season as a successful one. It’s the 4th entry. Only then will you be given the right to advance to the UCL next season.

Tottenham are 5th with 53 points. Fourth place is Newcastle with 56 points. 5th place is Manchester United with 59 points. Tottenham have seven games left, and there are still chances. The key is how to use this opportunity in the remaining 7 games.

A key player who can save this opportunity. It is Son Heung-min.

It is Son Heung-min who has suffered toxic ups and downs this season. But he’s been reviving lately. He scored back-to-back goals against Brighton & Hove Albion and Bournemouth. This is the first time Son Heung-min has scored two goals in a row this season. In addition, honors are following, such as breaking through the 100th EPL goal and ranking 6th in Tottenham’s all-time scoring list.

What if Son Heung-min shows a gesture of resurrection while other Tottenham players remain the same? Of course, it can be the driving force of the team. In fact, the only part Tottenham can hope for right now is the resurrection of Son Heung-min. If Son Heung-min continues his recent rise, it is not impossible to enter the 4th place. This is the ‘Son Heung-min optimism’ that dominates Tottenham now.

America’s ‘SB Nation’ reported, “Son Heung-min can play a decisive role in Tottenham’s success this season.”

The media continued, “There was a riddle for Tottenham this season. Son Heung-min, who played the best last season, showed a sluggish appearance. He became a victim of Antonio Conte’s tactics. He has power with both feet, and the fact that he is a better finishing player than any other player in the world has not changed.”

At the same time, he expressed ‘Son Heung-min optimism’.

The media said,스포츠토토 “Now Tottenham has Son Heung-min optimism. Son Heung-min scored consecutive goals. Then, Son Heung-min began to resemble the old Son Heung-min.”

‘Son Heung-min optimism’ makes Tottenham look forward to entering fourth place. And on the 23rd, we meet Newcastle. This is the most important match for entering the 4th place.

The media said, “A club at the same level as Tottenham must compete in European competitions. Now Tottenham will face off against Newcastle. In this match, Stellini will focus on the positives. The start is Son Heung-min. To win. “Son Heung-min’s good performance is important. In this game, Son Heung-min will prove once again that he is an important player for Tottenham.”

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