‘To the UCL Finals!’ Inter Inzaghi, “I found out who was on my side when I was having a hard time”

Director Simone Inzaghi (47) looked back on the past. 

Inter Milan defeated AC Milan 1-0 on the 17th. Through this, with a total of 3-0 in the first and second games, they advanced to the final of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for the first time in 13 years. It is the first time that Inter has advanced to the UCL final since Jose Mourinho (60)’s treble (three crowns) days in 2010. 카지노사이트

On the same day, coach Inzaghi said through the Italian media, Sport Mediaset, “It was a dream to reach the UCL final at first. But we always believed in it and made it happen. We can only praise the players.” 

“AC Milan has shown strength, determination, aggression and concentration and it’s great. But we’ve played four derbies since January and we’ve won all four. We know that Milan are champions of Italy and have tremendous qualities, but , the players were great and deserve to enjoy this evening.” 

Inzagi is currently on a winning streak, but even a month ago, there were reports that Inter coach was sacked. Inzagi said: “Through that period, I learned who was always there when I needed him and who wasn’t. I know what has happened in the past few months, but I made it to the finals with a great staff. I’m proud to be at this club.” said.

“I was asked to reach the UCL round of 16 19 months ago, something the club has not done since 2011. But now we are in the final. I got a seat,” he said. 

Inter now faces the winner of the match between Manchester City and Real Madrid on the 18th in the final. Inzagi added: “They are one of the best teams in Europe. They are 1-1 balanced in the first leg and you can see the quality of both teams. We will definitely watch tomorrow’s match with great interest.” 

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