Things Hyundai goalkeepers should always keep in mind

Recently, while watching European soccer or K-League matches on TV, many of the things I taught the players while coaching goalkeepers in the past were exposed, and I was able to see the goalkeepers making mistakes. Watching the goalkeepers conceding points, I would like to talk about the necessary preparations for goalkeepers while playing.

The first is watching the Jeonbuk Hyundai game last time, in a situation where the goalkeeper was competing for the ball in the air with the opponent’s striker in a side cross, while trying to catch the ball, he lost his balance and failed to catch the ball completely and dropped it, resulting in the opposing team conceding a goal. It happened and the team lost in the end. In this way, I believe that a goalkeeper’s judgment must be accurate and perfect, as one mistake in the judgment of the goalkeeper can determine the outcome of the game.

When competing with the opponent’s striker during the opponent’s cross, regardless of fouls, you should get out of the danger zone by punching rather than catching. This is because even if the opposing team’s striker commits a foul, it cannot be undone unless the referee acknowledges it.

Second, in the 4-back system, the goalkeeper has to help the defender’s back to some extent, but many goalkeepers have to block the through pass coming from behind the defender to some extent, but in many cases, they don’t know how to go out and handle it.

A pass coming in and flowing to the side does not have to go out, and it is better for the goalkeeper to go out and handle a pass coming from the side to the center. Because, flowing out to the side is difficult to lead to scoring at once, and the pass coming into the center leads to a point at once, so you must be prepared for this.

Third, the goalkeeper must always prepare for a counterattack even if he is always ahead of the game and makes many attacks, and in order not to concede during a counterattack, he must prepare in advance.

Before counter-attacking, the goalkeeper must give instructions to the defenders.

Fourth, when the opposing striker hits a header or volley shot, he must stick to the goal line as much as possible. In the case of a header or volley shot, it is difficult to predict the direction, so the probability of blocking is high when you are on the goal line as much as possible.

Fifth, goalkeepers must fully understand the tactics for back 3, back 4, back 5, etc., so that they can accurately direct the defenders.

Lastly,메이저놀이터 the Korea Football Association decided to buy the players or leaders who had participated in the match fixing and restore the lottery, but it became nothing when it apologized for the torch of public opinion and fans. With match-fixing going down the path of overall football decline, Italy should never let this happen again.

This is because the distrust of football brings distrust from the fans as a whole, the decline of the audience, and the loss of interest, so it is useless to reflect on it then. I hope this never happens again. When discussing policies, be sure to do so after careful consideration. Because you can’t ruin the football fever that is alive with this.

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