There were 16 people at the scene of ‘police crash’… Doctors and employees of large companies

A few days ago, we reported that a current police officer died after falling from an apartment and that several people were suspected of having taken drugs.

When the police checked, it turned out that there were 16 people in the apartment at the time, including doctors and employees of a large company, and 8 people ran away before the police arrived.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Won Dong-hee.


A high-rise apartment building in Yongsan, Seoul, where a police officer from the Gangwon Police Agency fell and died.

When the police arrived, there were eight men in the apartment, including the fallen police officer.

The police believe that they took drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine as a group.

[Fire official/Voice modified: “A friend reported that he had fallen, so he was taken to the hospital…”]

However, as a result of the police investigation, it was confirmed that 16 people were in the apartment at the time of the police officer’s fall, not 8.

The eight people who disappeared are believed to have fled before police arrived.

Police are investigating how the crash occurred and why some of the group quickly left the scene.

We are also investigating the possibility that the remaining members of the group helped escape in order to hide drug use or other criminal circumstances.

A tenant in his 40s lives in the apartment where the crash occurred안전놀이터, and he has a history of being sentenced to probation on drug charges.

Among the group were urologists, employees of large corporations, health trainers, and college students.

Some of them were found to have gone to a party at a club in Itaewon and then moved together to an apartment in Yongsan.

It was also reported that they met regularly at the club, and that the number of members in the group numbered dozens.

The police are currently tracing the route by which the group obtained the drugs.

We are also investigating the possibility that a drug supply organization or other organization was involved in the meeting.

[Nearby merchant/Voice modified: “There are a lot of people. We have ATMs . There are hundreds of them every weekend…”]

The police identified the seven people at the scene as well as the eight people who ran away and charged them with violating the Narcotics Control Act. We were booked together.

In addition, those involved were banned from leaving the country, and search and seizure was conducted on some.

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