There is a place I want in my heart” Manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop, unconventional, promising prospect Lee Joo-hyung directly selects the position

 I handed over the choice to the player. Rather than deciding on a position as if being dragged by a leader, he chose the position he wanted and encouraged him to train without regret. LG Lee Joo-hyung (22), who is training in Icheon after completing his active service, decides his own destiny.

In hitting, he proved his potential early on. He was an elite infielder in his high school days and conquered the Futures League from his first year as a pro. In 2020, his first year, he batted 0.356 OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) 1.099, and in 2021, his second year, he played with a batting average of 0.331 OPS 0.970.

The problem is the defensive position. He played shortstop or second base in high school, but never found a place in the pros. According to the recommendation of the club and the coaching staff, and depending on the team situation, he served as an outfielder and first baseman, and in August 2021, he served as an active duty soldier. He was discharged last February and is preparing for a new season in Icheon.

He is a promising prospect within the club. He has the belief that what he showed in the 2nd team will continue in the 1st team. But before that, you need to decide on your position. He’s at the point where he has to set his direction, whether it’s second baseman or outfielder. From the club’s point of view, it is ideal for Lee Joo-hyeong to grow into a second baseman, but no one can guarantee in what direction the player will develop.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop of LG had a meeting with Lee Joo-hyung about this. In response to a question about Lee Joo-hyung ahead of an exhibition match with Samsung held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 15th, Yeom said, “Joo-hyung came to say hello. While having a conversation on the spot, he asked me to decide on a position first,” he said. If he goes to the neither of them, he will just waste another year. He decided for himself whether the position he could do best was second base or the outfield, and said let’s go. Every player has a favorite position. He informed the club of this and asked us to start training quickly.”

Director Yeom continued,토토사이트 “Doing what a player wants to do most has a high probability of success and a fast growth rate. There must be a position that the mold wants in his heart. Make a decision and we will do our best to help. I will help Joo Hyung-i in the direction he wants regardless of the opinion of the club or the coach. If a decision has been made, a report will come, but I have not received a report yet.”

Coach Yeom’s policy is to give the key prospects as much opportunity as possible while aiming for the championship. Although LG has a strong field depth, you can get a chance if you play in the 2nd team and a good report comes up. With the Futures League opening on the 4th of next month, it remains to be seen where Lee Joo-hyung will be on the ground.

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