The winner of the first edition of Yangshinjeon is Shin Jin-seo…YK Geon Ki-bae, 1st station in the final, disinherited after 218 moves

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, the strongest player in Korean Baduk, took a step closer to another championship trophy by winning the ‘Yangsinjeon’ match against Shin Min-jun, 9th Dan.

Shin Jin-seo won the 100-year-old victory in 218 moves against Shin Min-jun in the 5th round of the 2023 YK Gungi Cup final held at the Go TV studio in the Korea Kiwon on the 3rd. At the end of last month, Shin Jin-seo, who led her team Kicks to win the championship in the 2022-2023 KB Baduk League and won the championship by winning the Sawfalcosanol Grand Final against Park Jung-hwan 9th Dan, took a step closer to collecting another championship trophy안전놀이터. Shin Jin-seo failed to make it to the finals in the first competition last year, so this is her first attempt at winning the YK Gungi Cup. In addition, Shin Jin-seo further expanded his opponent record against Shin Min-jun to 29 wins and 10 losses. The 2 finals will be held at the same place on the 4th.

The match between the two knights, nicknamed Yangshinjeon because they share the same last name Shin, is of great interest in the baduk world. Shin Jin-seo’s one-sided advantage in the opponent’s record, but Shin Min-joon won the most recent final match.

The confrontation between the two knights, who were both motives for joining and best friends known in the baduk world, was a fierce battle from beginning to end. The great country, which had no one-sided advantage until the middle, leaned towards Shin Jin-seo as Shin Min-jun made a mistake in the fight. Afterwards, as the right and left ears were arranged without a reversal, Shin Min-joon had no choice but to throw a stone.

Shin Jin-seo took first place in almost all categories, including the number of wins (64 wins), win rate (90.1%), winning streak (29 consecutive wins), and prize money (562,011,914 won) in the first half rankings announced by the Korea Kiwon on this day. It is also proving that it is its own underworld. If he wins the championship in the finals of Ing’s Cup, which will be held in August, it is expected that there will be no problem in breaking the annual prize money of 1 billion won for 4 consecutive years.

Shin Jin-seo said after his match, “I thought it wasn’t bad in the beginning. After that, he felt quite comfortable as he did well on the upper side, but later suffered a lot of losses back home, so he thought it was not easy. He said, “I thought he would be reversed at the end,” he said. Today, I was perplexed because I couldn’t judge. The 2nd station is good at judging the situation, so I want to play a fun game of Go,” he said.

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