The third baseman’s throw split the outfield… Orix’s Worst Defense ‘159km’ Bauer Lucky 3 Wins

Yokohama DeNA Baystars pitcher Trevor Bauer won his third win of the season.

Bauer started the 2023 Japan Professional Baseball Orix Buffaloes match held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan on the 9th and recorded 5 hits (1 home run), 9 strikeouts, 4 walks and 2 runs (1 earned run) in 7 innings. Bauer led the team to a 4-2 victory with a fastball of up to 159 km/h and harvested the third win (two losses) of the season.

The opposing Orix starting pitcher that day was Yamashita Shunpeita, an “invincible pitcher,” who had an average ERA of 0.84 with 5 wins and 0 losses in 7 games until the previous game. It was not an easy opponent for Bauer, who had an earned run average of over 5 in the preceding 5 games, but he cleared the innings by using breaking balls appropriately. Yamashita suffered the first loss of the season with 4 runs in 6 innings (2 earned runs).

Bauer lowered his season ERA from 5.59 to 4.75 with good pitching that day. However, after his joining, the record of no home runs (6 games) in all games continued. Bauer is allowing 11 home runs in seven games.

In the top of the second inning, after Shogo Maki went on base with a left-footed double, Tyler Austin hit a double with an RBI direct against the fence in the mid-month, and Yokohama scored the first run. However, after Bauer was hit by Keita Nakagawa after one out in the bottom of the second inning, he allowed second base to be stolen. The catcher’s fastball from 2nd and 2nd base caused the ball to drop significantly, and the runner on 2nd base stepped home and tied the game 1-1.

Bauer threw a high 127km knuckle curve to lead batter Dongu Yuma at the end of the 4th inning, and then hit a left-handed solo shot and allowed 1-2 turnaround.

Yokohama’s counterattack began in the top of the sixth. Takuma Hayashi and Daiki Sekiya walked and became 2nd and 1st and 2nd, then Maki hit the right time. The third baseman received the throw from the left fielder and threw it to the second base, but the ball could not escape, so it completely split the middle right and headed for the wall. While the outfielders ran to find the ball, even the batter’s maki all stepped on the home base and went up by 3 points in an instant.

Bauer took the mound in the bottom of the 6th inning when the score turned 4-2 and allowed one runner to reach base due to a shortstop error, but Marwin Gonzalez grounded first baseman with 2 out and 1st base and finished the inning.

Bauer, who threw 95 pitches through the 6th inning, also appeared in the 7th. Bauer was hit with a double from lead hitter Takumasa Kurebayashi in the middle right and a left-handed hit from Daishi Hirooka, and was driven to first and third base with one out. Bauer ended the inning by setting Tomoya Noguchi back with a double stroke in front of the first baseman. The number of pitches was 108.

Bauer also pitched 7 innings and 1 earned run that day, but the defense at the beginning of the game did not help him, and the batters were blocked by the opposing pitcher and could not support the score, which seemed to be far from the victory requirement. However, the team got ahead of the opponent’s absurd mistake and had the victory requirement.메이저사이트

Bauer debuted in the major leagues in 2012, was voted an American League All-Star in 2018, and was one of the best starters in the major leagues, winning the National League Cy Young Award in 2020. His career major league record was 83-69 with a 3.79 earned run average in 222 games (212 starts).

In 2021, he signed a three-year, $102 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but was suspended for two seasons in April last year while being tried for sexual assault. Bauer’s appeal reduced the suspension to 194 games, but the Dodgers released Bauer in January this year. Bauer joined Yokohama in March and is playing as a starting pitcher.

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