The only half-dome in the Children’s Day series… Looking forward to the ‘real dome’ to be met soon↑

The only thing that prevented the destruction of children was the dome stadium.

The Children’s Day series, which was scheduled to be held in five stadiums nationwide, was held only at Gocheok Sky Dome (hereinafter referred to as Gocheok Dome). The rest of the games scheduled for Jamsil, Daejeon, Changwon, and Busan could not be held due to heavy rain across the country on the 5th and 6th. The cheers echoed only at the 17,000-seat Gocheok Dome. The expression of each club that expected a box office success through the home game held in the so-called Children’s Day series was canceled is tearful.

Gocheok Dome, which opened in 2015, has an unwelcome tag of ‘half dome’. As the dome was pushed into the insufficient space, various problems were revealed, such as the circulation, view of the audience, and seating arrangement. There are still problems that the baseball team cannot handle alone, such as accessibility and lack of amenities in the baseball field. Even so, training and games can always be held in a pleasant environment without the influence of the weather, and on days when there is no baseball, various events such as concerts are generating profits.

Even so, another dome stadium following Gocheok Dome did not appear.

It’s not that there hasn’t been a discussion in the meantime. However, in order for the dome stadium, which requires a considerable amount of investment, to function efficiently, it must be guaranteed a marketability that can generate profits as well as baseball, and in the end, attention is focused on the fact that the construction of the metropolitan area is at least realistic. In Busan, where it was considered possible to build a dome stadium in the non-metropolitan area, the possibility of building a dome stadium linked to the redevelopment of the North Port was once raised in the political circle, but eventually it turned to Sajik Stadium remodeling.

Cheongna Dome (tentative name), which is being pursued by the Shinsegae Group, the parent company of SSG Landers, is raising expectations as a place to quench this thirst. Cheongna Dome, which will be built together with Starfield Cheongna, a complex shopping mall, will be decorated as a complex cultural space that can accommodate both baseball and performances with a capacity of at least 20,000 spectators. While SSG Landers owner Jeong Yong-jin, vice chairman of Shinsegae Group, is at the forefront and leading the construction of the Cheongna Dome, it is known that the licensing issue is also in the final stages. If the construction is carried out as planned, SSG Landers is expected to play the opening match of the 2028 season at Cheongna Dome.

At the same time as Cheongna Dome, Jamsil Stadium is expected to have a new look. Initially, the city of Seoul decided to build an open baseball field on the site of Jamsil Stadium during the Jamsil Stadium remodeling project for the Jamsil MICE project, but accepted the baseball world’s suggestion, such as hosting international competitions and preparing for bad weather, and accepted the construction of a new dome stadium. If the relevant administrative procedures are completed successfully, construction is expected to start next year.토토사이트

It is difficult to attach the modifier ‘perfect’ to Gocheok Dome, but at least it has sufficiently proved why a dome stadium is needed. Expectations for the ‘real dome’ to be met soon are bound to rise.

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