‘The last-class save march’ Seo Jin-yong ‘The door crackdown continues’

He is a pitcher who is recording an unrivaled save trend with a sense of stability that has changed this season.

Reporter Lee Myung-no met with Seo Jin-yong, who is completely responsible for SSG’s back door and continues to be sure of ‘locking down the door’.스포츠토토

20 consecutive games without a goal since the opening.

Seo Jin-yong, who was called ‘Mr. Zero’ for being responsible for SSG’s leading run.

Yesterday, against Lotte, he brought himself into a no-out crisis, and although he gave up his first earned run of the season, he kept the team victory.

With an average ERA of 0.42, the burden of ‘zero’ was relieved, and it became rather light.

[Seo Jin-yong/SSG]
<Which save number and earned run average are more greedy?>
“Honestly, I’m greedy for both, but in the long run, I think, ‘Wouldn’t the saves be bigger?'”

With 16 saves, he was the sole leader in salvation.

7 saves more than second place.

At the current trend, 56 saves are mathematically possible, which is enough to surpass Oh Seung-hwan’s 47 saves, the most in a season.

[Seo Jin-yong/SSG]
“As a closer, Oh Seung-hwan made the most saves, so I want to become a good pitcher like him (I think).”

SSG, which had no title holder despite winning last year.

Seo Jin-yong is on his way to winning and saving the king.

[Seo Jin-yong/SSG]
“The goal? To win again. After making 30 saves first, I plan to aim for that title, whether it’s the king of saves or not.”

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