The groom-to-be’s keen eye… Caught thief in KTX while on vacation

A story has been told that a maritime police officer caught a thief in the act while on vacation. According to the Donghae Coast Guard on the 10th안전놀이터, Inspector Ahn Jang-hwan (31), who works for Donghae Coast Guard 202 , caught the thief on the KTX

train from Seoul to Busan at around 7:30 pm on the 9th. Inspector Ahn, a prospective groom preparing for a wedding in December of this year, was on his way back from a wedding photoshoot with a prospective bride, a civil servant, on the day of the incident. At this time, while in the train, passenger A in his 20s went to the bathroom for a while, he discovered that Mr. B in his 40s stole a wireless earphone worth 300,000 won from the shelf of Mr. A’s chair. Inspector Ahn checked with Mr. A after returning from the bathroom to see if there were people in the train and if there were any stolen items. Later, based on Mr. A’s statement, Inspector Ahn caught Mr. B, who was running away with wireless earphones, and tried to talk to him and informed the crew on the train. However, Mr. B was angry and said that he had not stolen anything. However, as soon as the excited Mr. B kicked out of his seat and got up, the stolen item, the wireless earphone, fell to the floor, and Mr. B eventually admitted the theft. Inspector Ahn, victim A, and two crew members watched Mr. B and arrived at the next stop, Miryang Station, and handed over Mr. B to the police.

On the other hand, Lieutenant Ahn is a rich maritime police officer who grew up watching his father, who was a maritime police officer (currently head of the Sokcho Coast Guard investigation department), dreamed of becoming a maritime police officer, and was appointed as a maritime police officer candidate last February.

Inspector Ahn said, “I was working as an agent in charge of the investigation on the current ship, and my body moved reflexively, and I just did what I had to do as a maritime police officer.” I will become a maritime police officer who will do my best to make it possible.”

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