The first home run after the opening of the official stadium in Laos, the main character is ’17-year-old Alex’

Chairman of the Hulk Foundation and former SK Wyverns (predecessor of SSG Landers) coach Lee Man-soo delivered good news to this magazine.

He was the news that the ‘first home run after the opening of the official ballpark’ came out in Laos, where he had his first Southeast Asian baseball mission.메이저사이트 Alex, a 17-year-old catcher, is the main character.

CEO Jae In-nae, who is currently in charge of the Laos national team while helping manager Lee Man-soo’s baseball mission, said through manager Lee Man-soo, “Alex’s home run over the left wall against the opposing pitcher in a friendly match against the Korean social baseball (P&B) team. It is the first home run at the DGB Baseball Stadium, the first stadium in Laos.”

Representative Jane In-nae continued, “This home run is very meaningful because none of the Laos players have ever climbed over the fence of a baseball field. Catcher Alex and everyone who watched it congratulated Alex, the main character of Laos’ first home run. “It has been said

As soon as Lee Man-soo heard the news, he said, “I’m more happy than the home run I hit as a player.”

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