The Democratic Party split over the’Kim Eun-kyung Innovation Plan’… Lee Jae-myeong “Discussion within the party”

Voices of criticism and support are mixed within the party over the innovation plan proposed by the Democratic Party’s Innovation Committee Kim Eun-kyung.

Regarding the plan to neutralize the representative system, the non-myung faction protested, saying that there was no self-reflection and innovation, leaving only a stone to seize the next party power, while the pro-myung faction defended it as a demand for continuous reform.

This is Reporter Kim Soo-gang.


The Democratic Party leadership collided in public with the plan to reduce the delegate system thrown by the ‘Kim Eun-kyung Innovation Committee안전놀이터‘, which left early.

Supreme Commissioner Ko Min-jeong, who is classified as a screamer, asked if it was an urgent issue to revise the delegate system, which has nothing to do with next year’s general election and only fosters infighting.

<Ko Min-jeong / Supreme Council member of the Democratic Party of Korea> “It is not a matter of competing with the urgency related to the people’s livelihood, so it is difficult to find a reason for such an excessive number.”

<Seo Eun-suk / Supreme Council member of the Democratic Party of Korea> “Rejecting innovation just because I don’t like it is the way to make oneself outdated…”

Representative Lee Jae-myeong saved his words and put a distance on both sides.

<Lee Jae-myung / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea> “Since the innovation plan is a proposal from the Innovation Committee, we will discuss it within the party to produce reasonable results.”

However, groups of Democratic Party lawmakers also issued critical statements one after another, and the atmosphere of opposition grew.

The largest assembly of lawmakers, ‘A Better Future’, suggested re-discussion after the general election, saying that the innovation plan is not the core of the innovation that the people want, and ‘Democracy 4.0’, which is the main axis of the pro-moon circle, said they could not accept the innovation plan.

In addition, it is pointed out within the party that the Innovation Committee has not been able to provide an answer to the ‘incompetence’ and ‘hypocrisy’ of lawmakers pointed out as problems in its own opinion poll, as well as a plan to restore morality, which was the background to the launch of the Innovation Committee.

With observations that factional conflicts may erupt at the Democratic Party’s general assembly to be held next week, the rupture over the innovation plan is expected to continue for the time being.

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