The cafe owner said, “I want to learn martial arts.” ‘Coffee terror’ after trying to stop smoking

This is an incident of abuse of power that occurred at a cafe. A post like안전놀이터 this was posted in the self-employed community. ‘I want to learn kickboxing or martial arts.’ So it seems like I want to scold someone, but what’s going on here is, there’s a terrace outside. There are anti-smoking signs plastered on the chairs, but these days it’s common sense, no smoking. However, one customer continued to smoke here. Then the boss said, “You can’t smoke here,” but according to the boss, he was drunk and gibbering, insisting, “I’ve never smoked.” So, since the owner couldn’t communicate with me, I went into the store, and a man followed me in and poured coffee on the front of the counter. It was a situation where the boss expressed his anger, saying that every time such a customer came, he wanted to learn kickboxing or martial arts and beat them up.

· ‘Coffee terrorism’ for preventing smoking in a cafe
· Pouring coffee inside the counter when trying to stop smoking
· Throwing coffee in May again when trying to stop smoking
· Cafe owner “I learned fighting skills to make customers like that…”

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