The batting king who defeated the home run king, traded → salary adjustment, received 7.5 billion won

Luis Araez (26, Miami Marlins), who won the American League batting title last year and wore a new uniform due to a recent trade, won a ‘victory’ in the Salary Adjustment Committee.

Reporter Mark Finesand of ‘MLB Network’ said on the 3rd (Korean time), “Araez won the annual salary adjustment committee. He will receive an annual salary of 6.1 million dollars (approximately 7.5 billion won) this year.”토토사이트

Araez, while playing for the Minnesota Twins last year, recorded a batting average of .316 and became the main character of the American League batting champion. One of the reasons why Araez’s title as the batting king drew attention is because he ‘blocked’ Aaron Judge’s six batting crowns. Judge set a new American League single-season home run record last year, sweeping five categories: homers (62), RBIs (131), runs scored (133), on-base percentage (.425), and slugging percentage (.686), hitting 5 Although he embraced the crown, his batting average was .311, and he was content with second place in the league, and was unable to reach six crowns.

Araez, who not only became the first batting champion last season but also set career highs such as number of games (144 games), at bats (603 at bats), doubles (31), and home runs (8), was traded to Miami on the 21st of last month. got off to a good start Miami also had to send 10-win pitcher Pablo Lopez, as well as two prospects, Byron Courio and Jose Salas, to sign Araez.

The ‘first meeting’ of the two sides unfortunately led to the Salary Adjustment Committee. The amount proposed by the Miami club was 5 million dollars (approximately 6.1 billion won), but the Salary Adjustment Committee sided with Araez. After the end of the 2025 season, Araez qualifies for two more annual salary adjustments before obtaining FA qualification.

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