The 65th Korea Open prize money of 500 million won… ‘The largest prize in the country’

If you win the Korean Open this year, you will receive 500 million won. It is the largest prize money in golf in Korea.안전놀이터

Kolon, which hosts the 65th Korea Open, announced on the 14th that it had increased the total prize money and prize money by 50 million won each from last year. The total prize money is 1.4 billion won, and the winning prize is a whopping 500 million won. The Korea Open is the first time that the winning prize money has exceeded 500 million won among professional golf tournaments in Korea. Kolon explained, “We raised the prize money significantly with the intention that the highest honor corresponding to the authority of the tournament should be returned.”

The prize money for winning the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour is around 20% of the total prize money. The Korean Tour Woori Finance Championship, KPGA Championship, and Genesis Championship have a total prize money of 1.5 billion won, 100 million won more than the Korea Open, but the winning prize is 300 million won. In the Korea Open, which is hosted by the Korea Golf Association (KGA), 33.3% of the total prize money was allotted to the winning prize last year, and this time it was raised to 35.7%.

This year’s Korea Open will be held at Woojeong Hills Country Club (par 71) in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, for four days from the 22nd of next month. The Korean Open gives the winner and runner-up the right to participate in the Open and a five-year seed for the Korean Tour. The defending champion is Minkyu Kim. After making a tie with Cho Min-gyu last year , he won by one stroke in the ‘three-hole overtime’, which continued from holes 16 to 18.

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