Dankook University coach Kim Yu-jin 메이저사이트 (53) greeted the first New Year as the head coach.

The relationship with the Dankook University baseball team has been 27 years this year. After graduating from Dankook University, he has lived as a ‘Dankook University’ for half his life, except for the period when he went pro.

He took over as manager in May of last year. Dankook University is a school where longevity commanders cultivate gardens. Manager Kang Moon-gil, who trained leading stars in the 1990s, such as Lee Byeong-gyu, served as coach for 25 years, followed by manager Kim Kyung-ho for 14 years. Even if the tradition is continued, it is a part that will be slightly regrettable for coach Kim, who will retire in seven years.

However, coach Kim said, “I wasn’t a professional baseball star, and I didn’t leave a big footprint. My alma mater called me and prepared a home for me for more than 20 years. During his coaching career, he met his loving wife and started a family. I am just grateful for all of this,” he said. What greater glory and honor can there be than to rise to the position of director at an alma mater that has taken care of you and helped you grow?

Although director Kim is a novice director, he has a clear ‘supervisor’. “The manager is the leader of the organization that makes sure the coaches produce great players, and gives the coaches full power,” he said. The manager leads the team in a big frame, and all responsibility lies with the manager,” he explained.

There is something he often says to his players. “Don’t be afraid of the other person. We just have to do our own thing. Let go of the other person and the fear of failure.” Instead, the manager believes that he is in charge of bringing his players to 100% of their skills on the pitch.

Coach Kim also said, “If any player sends trust based on continuous interest and conversation, the player will definitely follow. In order for the team to become one, the manager and the coach, and the coach and the players, must communicate with each other.”

Coach Kim has never reprimanded players for their performance during his coaching career. There were times when a trusted pitcher gave up a game without being able to use his strength because he couldn’t put in a strike, and there were times when he blew the championship trophy due to one wild mistake by a fielder. It was because he believed that he had to trust and wait for the players.

Dankook University is a traditional baseball school that is the cradle of KBO league stars such as Lee Byeong-gyu, Oh Seung-hwan, Seo Yong-bin, Choi Won-ho, and Na Ji-wan. Coach Kim, who will start the new season starting with the U-League in April, said, “Just looking at our players at Dankook University, you can judge their skills and the amount of sweat they shed. Maybe our players have already become top experts in their fields. I hope you don’t forget that we are colleagues who sweat together through the sport of baseball as a medium, laugh together when we are happy, and encourage each other when we are tired and tired.”

After the National Sports Festival, which was the last tournament of last year, coach Kim opened the long SNS contents received from the players who were graduating, and smiled happily.

When I first saw the heartfelt message sent by all of the graduates, I sat in the corner of the supervisor’s office and quietly wiped away tears. Coach Kim reaffirmed his determination, saying, “I don’t think the 20 years I spent at Dankook University were in vain. I will devote the rest of my baseball life at my alma mater to these players.”