Tampa Bay Opening 13 consecutive wins… One step left in ML history

Tampa Bay set a tie record for the most consecutive wins since the opening of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB).

Tampa Bay won a 9-3 come-from-behind victory over Boston in a home game on the 14th and continued winning 13 consecutive games from the opening game. Since 1901, when MLB established the current two-league system, the only teams to have recorded 13 consecutive wins at the start of the season were Atlanta in 1982 and Milwaukee in 1987. If Tampa Bay wins the visiting game in Toronto on the 15th, it will be the first team in ‘modern MLB history’ to record 14 consecutive wins after the opening.

In 1969, the MLB Secretariat summarized the history of the league, and the current National League (NL) and American League (AL), as well as the American Association (AA), Union Association (UA), Federal League (FL), and Players League, which existed since the 19th century. (PL) was also given the status of ‘major league’.

If you extend the scope to these leagues, the ‘St. Louis Maroons’ has recorded 20 consecutive wins since its opening in 1884, the first season of UA. However, UA stopped operating two out of eight teams two months after its opening, and eventually disappeared after one season. For this reason, there are not a few people who exclude UA when discussing MLB history.

Among the Korean and Japanese professional baseball teams, there is no team that has continued winning streaks longer than Tampa Bay after the opening. In Korea, Samsung’s 10 consecutive victories in 2003 and SSG’s last year are the most consecutive victories since the start of the season. In Japan, Nishitetsu (now Seibu) won 11 consecutive victories in 1954 and Chunichi in 1999, the most records.

The 13 consecutive wins is also a new record for the most consecutive wins for a team in Tampa Bay, which was founded in 1998.안전놀이터 Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash said, “It’s really great. When these things are done, the players play is definitely good. There is nothing that I feel is not good right now,” he said.

On the other hand, Boston had the disgrace of losing 13 games at Tropica Field, home stadium of Tampa Bay. April 23 last year was the last time Boston, which fell to the bottom of the AL Eastern Division with this defeat, won at this stadium.

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