“Take care of your mother-in-law” A daughter-in-law who cursed her mother-in-law was sentenced to a fine

According to the legal community on the토토사이트 15th, Judge Jang Min-ju, the 11th detective of the Daejeon District Court, sentenced Mr. A (38, female), who was charged with assaulting an ascendant, to a fine of 300,000 won.

On September 18, 2021, Mr. A said to her mother-in-law, Mr. B (65), “Take care of her aunt,” and tried to grab her hair and threw her remote control and paper box.

Mr. A, who usually had a discord with her family, was investigated as having an argument with Mr. B raising her voice on the same day, and she could not hold back her anger and committed the same thing.

During her trial, Mr. A claimed that her husband grabbed her wrist and tried to shake it off, but the object she was holding flew away, but she was not accepted.

Judge Jang said, “The victim appears to have suffered a significant psychological shock and has not been forgiven by the victim.” explained why.

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