‘Super-thin ranking fight’ K League 2, 2nd place Gimcheon – 3rd place Anyang, 4th place Busan – 6th place Bucheon 13th round ‘head-to-head’ eye

‘The Greatest Promotion War’, every round is the ‘final’. The K-League 2, the second division, has been heating up since the beginning of the season. The difference between leaders Gimpo FC (23 points) and 6th place Bucheon FC (19 points) is only 4 points. While Gimpo of the gust of wind continues their undefeated streak and is running a ‘surprising lead’, managing director Kim Cheon, who was evaluated as ‘absolute best’ before the opening, is in second place (22 points). 3rd place FC Anyang and 4th place Gyeongnam FC have the same points as Busan I-Park (20 points above). The rankings are divided by the number of points scored. In addition, even 6th place Bucheon joined the fight for the lead.

The 2023 season K League 2 is also a’1+2’ system. 1st place is directly promoted to K-League 1, and 2nd place plays a promotion playoff (PO) with the 11th place in K-League 1. 3rd to 5th will have a playoff. The 4th and 5th places will have a semi-PO first, then the winner will have a PO with the 3rd place. The team that wins here will have a promotion PO with the 10th place team in the K League 1. Up to 3 teams can go to K-League 1. In the 2022 season, Gwangju FC and Daejeon Hana Citizen, two teams succeeded in advancing to the first division. Gwangju and Daejeon Hana are currently creating a sensation in the K-League 1. It is clear that each team is motivated by the wider promotion door.

In the early stages of the battle, the difference in points is so tight that the result of the confrontation between the competing teams is inevitably important. Round 13 of the ‘HanawonQ K League 2 2023’ this weekend, the eye-catching matchup is the matchup between 2nd place Gimcheon and 3rd place Anyang, 4th place Busan and 6th place Bucheon. The winning side can spur the race for the lead, but

Gimcheon and Anyang clash on the 13th at 4pm at the Gimcheon Sports Complex. Both teams are showing somewhat unstable moves. Kimcheon has 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 3 matches. Scored 5 goals and conceded 6 goals. It boasts the best squad in the league, but its performance is inconsistent. Same goes for Anyang. They beat Chungbuk Cheongju and Cheonan City to catch the flow, but last week they lost 0-3 against Busan. Both teams are putting in a lot and eating a lot. Anyang scored 20 goals and Kimcheon scored 19 goals, ranking 1st and 2nd in the K-League 2, but conceded 14 goals and 13 goals, which is in the lower half of the league. In the end, this game is likely to be a slugfest, and it seems that it will be a fight to see who has more concentration on defense.

Busan and Bucheon will meet on the 13th at 6:30 pm at Busan Asiad. These are two good teams. In the last game against Anyang, Busan won 3-0 with perfect performance, including Lee Seung-gi scoring his debut goal. With this victory, Busan extended its undefeated streak to 4 games (2 wins, 2 draws). Bucheon also defeated the Jeonnam Dragons 5-2 in the 12th round and succeeded in winning three consecutive victories. He scored 11 goals during the three-game winning streak. Bucheon shared the 20 goals scored this season by 11 players. The most in K-League 2. Bucheon’s offensive power, which doesn’t know where it will explode, is its greatest strength. Attention is focusing on where the hot rising trend will end.메이저사이트

Gyeongnam moves the stage. At 1:30 pm on the 14th, Seongnam FC will be called to Yangsan Sports Complex. Gyeongnam will play home games in the 13th and 14th rounds in Yangsan due to the Changwon Soccer Center soil renewal work. Gyeongnam is not unfamiliar with Yangsan. After going undefeated in 9 games since the opening, Gyeongnam, which recently faltered with a draw in 2 consecutive games, is determined to rebound from Yangsan against Seongnam. In 2019, when the last confrontation took place, Gyeongnam dominated with 3 wins and 1 draw.

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