‘Successful victory, goodbye’ SSG, replacing all three foreigners is ‘expectation’ not ‘adventure’

Expectations are high for the three new foreign players of SSG Landers.

SSG welcomes the new season in 2023 with all three foreign players changed. I made a new choice instead of a proven player. It can be considered an adventure.

Last season, Wilmer Font, the first foreign starter, recorded 13 wins (6 losses) and an average ERA of 2.69 while throwing a fastball at 150 km/h. Sean Morimando, who joined as a substitute foreign pitcher in place of Ivan Nova, played 7-1 in 12 games with an ERA of 1.67 even while only playing in the second half.

In the second half, Morimando was the ‘ace’ rather than Kim Kwang-hyun and Font. On the stage of the Korean series, it was sluggish enough to have the gaze of ‘I was analyzed’, but it was evaluated that it had a waste of skill to just let it go.

In addition, the first base defense is good, but it was until last year that outfielder Juan Lagares joined in place of Kevin Cron, who left due to poor batting. Lagares, who came from the Major League Gold Glove, posted a batting average of .315, 6 home runs and 32 RBIs in 49 games in the second half with stable defense.

SSG replaced two foreign pitchers and one batter. He prepares for the 2023 season with ‘Lefty’ Kirk McCarty, ‘Lefty’ Eni Romero 메이저사이트(above pitcher) and fielder Guillermo Heredia.

The club is looking forward to new foreign players. I also believe in the members who looked for these players and reviewed their recruitment. An SSG official said, “I put a lot of thought into it. In the midst of players who have deviated from the power, we had to select better foreign players to keep the power.”

“I didn’t renew the contract with Morimando, but I saw McCarty as a very good player,” he expected. McCarty is expected to be a left-handed starting pitcher who can throw a fastball at 148 km/h and digest long innings with a fast arm swing and a high-quality breaking ball.

It is evaluated that he “has good control and has an advantage in timing matches with opponent batters with aggressive pitching.”

Born in the Dominican Republic, Romero is a pitcher who has experience in both the American Major League and the Japanese professional league. Recording a career record of 17 wins and 19 losses in Japan, with an ERA of 3.60, he is evaluated to have a good ball position that can put pressure on batters based on his fastball exceeding 150 km/h, and a breaking ball that comes out of the same height as a fastball, and has an excellent sense of control.

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