‘Sophisticated’ Dyer, “It’s not Son Heung-min’s responsibility for leaving coach Conte”

Son Heung-min (31) and Eric Dyer (29, above Tottenham) also opened their mouths about responsibility for manager Antonio Conte’s breakup with Tottenham during the season. 

Conte parted ways with Tottenham on the 27th of last month (Korean time). Coach Conte took the baton of Tottenham in November 2021 and led the team for a year and four months. However, collecting trophies has become impossible this season as well, and the goal of fourth place in the league has become dangerous. 

However, coach Conte had to openly criticize the players and club leadership at a press conference, saying, “I see selfish players,” and receive a stinging rebuke from public opinion. In the end, Tottenham and manager Conte decided to part ways under mutual agreement.

Son Heung-min heard the news last month when he was on the Korean national team for two A-matches (Colombia and Uruguay). Son Heung-min said of coach Conte after finishing the A match evaluation match (1-2 loss) with Uruguay on the 28th of last month, “I am very sorry. Coach Conte is a world-class coach and I was really happy to work with him.” I don’t know the players, but I’m very sorry.”

He continued, “I should have shown a better image, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t help the team either. In the end, the coach left the team and felt a sense of responsibility.” 

Regarding this, Christian Stellini,토토사이트who acted as manager, said, “Coach Conte did his best in every situation,” adding, “It is not common for a manager to be replaced in the middle of a season. Taking responsibility for one’s work means doing one’s best. All players should do that,” he emphasized.

In an interview with Sky Sports in the UK, which was released on the 8th (Korean time), Dyer said, “I personally feel bad whenever the manager leaves.” “I don’t agree with Son Heung-min’s opinion. I think this is not his (Son Heung-min) responsibility, but all of us. I wish him good luck in the future and thank him.”

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