“Someday they will be traded” Choo Shin-soo predicted the future of the 419.9 billion bad boy shortstop

SSG Landers Choo Shin-soo (41) predicted a trade for San Diego Padres Fernando Tatis Jr. (24).

On the 21st (Korean time), Choo Shin-soo appeared on ‘DKNET’, a Korean radio broadcast in Dallas, Texas, USA, and explained why he had not been able to compete as a national representative, citing the case of Tatis Jr.먹튀검증

Tatis Jr., also known as Kim Ha-sung’s teammate, is a shortstop with an OPS of .965, 81 home runs, 195 RBIs, 210 runs scored, and 52 stolen bases in 273 major league games. In 2021, he hit 42 home runs and even finished third in National League MVP voting.

San Diego gave Tatis Jr. an early contract extension. After agreeing to a 14-year, $340 million (approximately 419.9 billion won) contract in February 2021, Tatis Jr.’s chances of becoming a franchise star in San Diego increased. But last season, Tatis Jr. was a big disappointment to the club. During the off-season, he suffered a fractured left wrist, and suspicions arose that the injury was caused by a bike accident. In addition, he was suspended for 80 games due to the discovery of a banned substance and could not play a single game.

Shin-soo Choo introduced his experience of participating in the 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC) and said that major league clubs require thorough self-management from their players. “I was injured four times in 2016. He was also rehabilitating in spring camp ahead of 2017. I really wanted to go to the WBC, but the general manager and the president stopped me. Americans never say ‘don’t do it’. In a way, it seems to give you options, but in fact, you are not given a choice. In the end, it means that the player has to take care of the back. The club pays a lot of money, but the players don’t like it.”

Choo Shin-soo, who emphasized the strict atmosphere of major league clubs, said, “The future of Tatis Jr. is also drawn,” and “The player is also talented and receives a lot of money, but he will be traded someday. You can see what will happen to these players,” he said, predicting that San Diego will eventually give up on Tatis Jr., who failed to manage himself.

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