She’s back!’

KB Stars’ pillar center Park Ji-soo made a surprise comeback ahead of the halfway point of the season.

Park Ji-soo, who had not been able to properly train even from the off-season due to panic disorder, finally appeared on the court in the 3rd quarter of the Hana One Q match of the ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’ held at the Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 17th. It’s only 14 games this season, and it’s been 248 days since the third round of the championship match last season.

Park Ji-soo joined the team in the middle of last month, but in the meantime, she improved her stamina and performance while receiving treatment. And finally, in this game, they had a thrilling comeback.

KB had only 2 wins and 11 losses until Park Ji-soo’s return, and did not show any power as a defending champ. Except for Park Ji-soo, they still have the winning members, but Park Ji-soo, who accounts for up to half of the team’s strength, suffered complete defeats due to lack of confidence and lack of confidence. In such a difficult situation for the team, Park Ji-soo’s comeback is not only a huge reversal factor, but it is also expected to have a significant impact on the half of the regular season.

With KB leading 49-37 with 7 minutes and 53 seconds left in the third quarter, Park Ji-soo came out on the court to cheers from the crowd. Even though his game stamina and senses are not normal yet, he succeeded in sharp passes, rebounds, and block shots based on his wide field of vision. With Park Ji-soo holding out under the goal, Hana 1 Q players showed a clear presence with frequent plays that hesitated to make bold attacks under the goal. After 3 minutes of the 4th quarter, he made a turning middle shot and scored his first goal this season, and then held a high-five ceremony with KB coach Kim Wan-soo.

KB, who increased the score to 71-49 5 minutes before the end of the game, excluding Park Ji-soo and put in a large number of bench members, eventually won 77-60, breaking out of 5 consecutive losses and winning the season 3rd. 스포츠토토

Park Ji-soo ran for 7 minutes and 58 seconds, recording 2 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, and 2 blocked shots, and the team’s main guns, Kang I-seul and Kim Min-jung, led the attack with 28 points – 10 rebounds and 23 points, respectively, decorating Park Ji-soo’s return to victory. did. Hana 1 Q showed off its strong presence with 15 points, the most in the team, including 3 3-pointers, with rookie Ko Seo-yeon, who was recruited through the rookie draft ahead of this season, while key players such as Shin Ji-hyun and Kim A-na were unable to play due to injuries.After the game, Park Ji-soo said, “I’m just grateful to be able to stand on the court again.” “After I scored my first goal, I thought it was so difficult to score. I think I went back to being a rookie,” he said with a laugh. and smiled brighter. Park Ji-soo said, “It won’t be easy to show the same performance as the previous season, but I will prepare hard to do my best. I hope you will cheer me on a lot.” it seemed