Rumors… ‘Theme stock’ Dream of making a fortune?

It’s time to check the economic issues of the week. Let’s meet reporter Park Dae-gi of ‘Economic Atmosphere’.


What was the hot topic this week?


A superconductor with a difficult name has been a hot topic in the recent stock market.

Prior to that, it was a secondary battery, but stocks whose market price changes at once in relation to a specific theme are called ‘theme stocks’.

I checked whether there is any problem with the theme stock craze.


Even if they don’t know what a superconductor is, it seems that many people know what superconductor ‘related stocks’ are.


All stocks related to the news that a domestic research team developed a room temperature superconductor rose.

Like the keywords we have prepared, the 2-week return rate also recorded 400%.

If you look at the graph, you can see that the stock price, which was around 3,000 won, jumped to over 15,000 won, right?

However, the news that ‘success is doubtful’ quickly fell below half price.

Other stocks called superconductor-themed stocks are similar, except for a few.


But are these companies really related to the development of room temperature superconductors?


The company that showed the chart earlier drew a line saying, “We have no communication with the place that developed the room temperature superconductor.”

So, the next keyword that I have prepared is “no relation”.

Only one of the theme stocks has an equity investment relationship with the company that developed it.

The rest were raised just because they were doing a superconductor ‘related business’.

As a result, some executives of theme stock companies sold stocks worth up to 1 billion won.

It means that it has risen to the point that even insiders cannot understand.

[Anchor Lead]

Regarding room-temperature superconductors, foreign media reported that this is not true. How should we view this?


In order for a new discovery to be recognized as science, it needs to be verified.

It should be reproduced by other researchers.

The resistance should be zero and perfect diamagnetism should appear, but there is no report that it has been reproduced properly yet.

Domestic societies are promoting reproduction by securing materials, but it is expected to take about two weeks.


Despite such uncertainty, people who buy and watch theme stocks don’t know that theme stocks are dangerous, but they still press the ‘buy button’?


Let’s listen to what a college student said about how they invest in themed stocks.

[Soundbite] [Soundbite] Investing in theme stocks/Voice modified: “The stock prices of theme stocks go up quickly. Jump on the bandwagon and see only short profits. It’s a distant dream, but you can enjoy economic freedom…”]

In fact, on social media or internet bulletin boards, boasting that they earned easily with theme stocks spreads quickly.

Many people blatantly flaunt their wealth and economic freedom.

YouTube that recommends investment and 안전놀이터so-called ‘reading room’ group chat rooms are also thriving.

When I see that, I worry that everyone except me is getting rich, and that I have to follow them.

This is one of the causes of theme stock concentration.


Theme stocks tend to ‘soar’, but how will long-term investment results come out?

[Reporter] There is a fund called Theme ETF

that invests only in theme stocks . When compared to the stock market average a year later, the return was rather low by 5.7%. Since this fund was created after it has already risen, saying that this theme is promising, the return rate is bad. You have to be careful that you live after the theme stock. [Anchor] You can’t simply view the theme stock craze as ‘investors’ responsibility’, right? [Reporter] Yes, there can be forces that manipulate the market price saying ‘this is the time’, right? This is an area that needs to be monitored by the authorities. Fundamentally, many experts cite the money accumulated in the era of Corona 19 as the cause of the surge in theme stocks.

At that time, as consumption decreased, more than 100 trillion won was accumulated in households.

This money is held in stocks or savings rather than being used to pay off debt.

In fact, looking at the graph, household debt as a percentage of GDP has not declined significantly.

There is also an analysis that the money released in this way leads to investment in theme stocks.

The Bank of Korea is also concerned that this money will flow into real estate in the future, which will further increase apartment prices.

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