Representative Jeong Green “Do you know the power of Ko Jin-young’s escape from sluggishness?”

Jinyoung Ko, Lydia Ko (New Zealand), Haeran Yoo, Kyunghun Lee (Lee Sang Golf), Yubin Shin (Table Tennis), Junhwan Cha (Figure Skating), Yuram Cha (Billiards). These players have something in common. He is the ‘customer’ of the CEO of Green Coaching Solutions. In an interview with Asia Economic Daily on the 17th, CEO Jeong said, “I was coaching corporate leadership at first, but I started media training for golf players in 2013.” ” he smiled.

CEO Jeong is famous as the ‘mental teacher’ of golf players. Yoo Hae-ran met in the third year of middle school and Ko Jin-young as a rookie. World No. 1 Lydia Ko has been helping for four years. Lee Gyeong-hoon, who won two victories on the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, also met three years ago. Shin Ji-ae, Bae Sang-moon, and Kim Gyeong-tae are also players who went through Chung. “I have a lot of players who want to go with me until they retire,” he said.

CEO Jeong has a special affection for Ko Jin-young. He was stunned when he saw the results of the orientation diagnosis. Representative Jeong laughed, saying, “I was convinced that this player would do well,” and “I recommended that the management company take Jin-young Ko. Their eyes and goals were clear, and their achievement orientation was high. Here, his own logic was firmly established. He praised, “Go Jin-young has a simple personality. He is flexible in accepting advice or advice.”

Ko Jin-young had the worst period of his last year. Ko Jin-young, who commanded the world women’s golf world, suffered from a wrist injury after winning the major Evian Championship of the LPGA Tour in July last year. Although she appeared in five contests, she performed poorly, missing the cut three times and forfeiting one. Although she was strong, she also came down from the world No. 1 spot. CEO Jung said, “She talked a lot about waiting. She said to wait while preparing.” .

CEO Chung did not forget to give advice to athletes. He advised, “All of life is a game for players since they were young. They were raised to only jump into the competitions in front of them.” “The process, not the result, is important. Problems arise when you get caught up in the result,” he said.

CEO Jeong majored in business administration at university. After he graduated, he started a marketing-related business, but a corner of his heart was empty. It was his dream to coach in his 20s. He said, “I was surprised to see that the CEOs of Google (Eric Schmidt) and Apple (Steve Jobs) at the time received management coaching and achieved results.” At the age of 28 he started doing psychological coaching. He entered graduate school and studied a new field. Representative Jung said, “It was a divine move,” and said, “It was right to do what I wanted and what I was good at,” with a broad smile.

CEO Jeong took a forced march, balancing work and study. He never slept before 4am. He was obsessed with work. He ran around without weekends or holidays. He skips meals and even sleeps in his car. CEO Jung faced a crisis in 2016. He was diagnosed with severe thyroid cancer and underwent surgery. His condition was serious. He was in a coma for three days. Since he had a hernia in 2017 he has struggled with an autoimmune disease. CEO Jeong reflected on himself, saying, “I lived a goal-oriented life that went beyond the limits,” and “I got sick as the balance of life collapsed.” He took care of his body by combining exercise, diet, and rest. He said, “I am much healthier now than I was 10 years ago,” and “I live a life full of energy.”

After overcoming a major hurdle in his life, CEO Jeong changed his mindset. He thinks ‘Let’s live happily’ and ‘Let’s be happy’. He has been looking for a break since 3 years ago. He strikes a good balance between work and vacation. He said, “It is important not to get caught up in everything, not to be obsessed, and not to get angry.”

Chung is drawing a bigger picture.스포츠토토 He is steadily preparing for the popularization of psychological coaching. He also newly formed a coaching staff to care for companies and the general public. A book related to psychological coaching will also be published between May and June. CEO Chung is very interested in art, art, performance, and exhibitions. He dreams of living a month as he travels the world. “When I see something and am moved, I feel happy,” he said.

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