Recruitment of Boston shortstop → 25% chance of trading Kim Ha-seong… “Sufficient value as a second baseman” US media

Will the San Diego Padres trade Kim Ha-seong before the start of the 2023 major league season? The American media ‘The Athletic’ predicted ‘the possibility of a trade is 25%’. 

On the 25th (hereinafter Korean time), The Athletic dealt with an article about ‘worries about starting pitching staff and the value of Ha-sung Kim’ as a mailbag article answering questions from San Diego fans. The media reported that Ha-seong Kim has a 75% chance of playing in a San Diego uniform before the opening game and a 25% chance of being traded.  

San Diego signed an 11-year, $280 million contract with free agent shortstop Zander Bogatz, and Fernando Tatis Jr., who did not play a single game due to being suspended for surgery and taking prohibited drugs last year, will return at the end of April. Kim Ha-seong, who can be a shortstop, third baseman, and second baseman, can be used as a trade card.

The Athletic said, “San Diego intends to discuss the Kim Ha-sung trade with other teams. Kim Ha-sung’s value is high now. He is more valuable at shortstop than at second base. Jake Cronenworth continues to play second base and recruits first baseman. If you do, you can trade Kim Ha-seong.” 

However, Ha-seong 메이저사이트 Kim saw a higher chance of playing for San Diego. The media said, “Ha-seong Kim is worthwhile as a second baseman. Ha-seong Kim plays hard and is one of the favorites of his teammates and San Diego fans. 75% chance of playing as “.

Ha-seong Kim continued to be trade rumored by American media during the offseason. Miami and Boston, which were selected as trade targets for Kim Ha-seong, are recently solving the shortstop problem in a different way. 

Boston recently acquired outfielder Adam Duvall. The outfield reinforcements allow infield utility Kike Hernandez to move to shortstop. Hernandez also played as a shortstop and second baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

In the offseason, Boston has left a gap in the infield due to Xander Bogarts’ move to San Diego and Trevor Story’s surgery, but it can make a keystone combination with Hernandez and Christian Arroyo. Also, on the 25th, Boston acquired shortstop Adalberto Mondesi from the Kansas City Royals through a trade. 

Ha-seong Kim was linked to Pablo Lopez, a 10-win pitcher in Miami, and there were trade rumors. Negotiations were possible between San Diego, which needed a starting pitcher, and Miami, which sought to strengthen the batting line by reinforcing infielders. However, Miami traded Lopez to Minnesota when it acquired Minnesota second baseman Luis Araez, who won the American League batting title last year. 

Atlanta sent free agent shortstop Dansby Swanson to the Chicago Cubs, but the club plans to fill the shortstop spot with prospect Vaughan Grissom and backup infielder Orlando Arcia rather than trade or free agency.

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