Pushed against the wall and attempted to force a kiss… A Korean woman who was in a lab in Hong Kong was struck by lightning.

A man who sexually assaulted a Korean female tourist who was broadcasting live on the streets of Hong Kong was arrested by local police.

On the 12th, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post ( SCMP ) reported that Hong Kong police arrested a suspect who sexually harassed a Korean woman that day.

Hong Kong police said the suspect was a 46-year-old man and that안전놀이터 additional information regarding the incident would be provided at a later date.

Earlier, on the night of the 10th, a man approached the woman who was conducting a live broadcast alone near a subway station in Central, downtown Hong Kong.

As the woman walked away, the man put his arm around the woman’s shoulder and as she approached the entrance to the subway station, the man grabbed the woman’s arm and dragged her, saying in English, “Come with me.”

She said the female pushed the male and told him “don’t grab my arm,” but the male continued to follow the female. As the woman went down the stairs of the subway station, he pushed her against the wall and attempted to force her to kiss him.

Due to the strong resistance of the female, the male soon left the scene and the terrified female ran away, calling for her help.

This situation was captured for 60 seconds on the woman’s live broadcast, and about 500 people were watching at the time.

Netizens watching the broadcast urged the woman to run away and call the police, and some said they would report it to the police.

This woman, who said she was visiting Hong Kong for the first time, later moved to Macau and did a live broadcast from a local hotel on the night of the 11th, saying that she had severe bruises on her body due to an incident in Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong police spokesman said they had seen video of the incident and were trying to contact the woman for further information.

She also said she had received a report about the video, adding that she was looking into the incident in detail.

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