“Problem child doesn’t even eat seeds”… Pediatric psychiatrist who hit the ‘gold side’

Recently, incidents such as teachers being assaulted by students in elementary schools or making extreme choices in school have occurred one after another.

In the midst of this, Dr. Seo Cheon-seok, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, made a point about the series of cases, saying, “The solutions (solutions) presented by this second-class program are not going to work.” The ‘golden breed program’ that Dr. Seo mentioned is interpreted as meaning ‘my child who is like a gold child raising children these days’ of Channel A, in which Dr. Oh Eun-young appears.

Dr. Seo posted this on his Facebook page on the afternoon of the 19th, mentioning the assault on an elementary school teacher in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

According to the education authorities, on the 30th of last month안전놀이터, A, a 6th grade homeroom teacher at an elementary school in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, was assaulted indiscriminately by student B in the class in front of all other students. Mr. A was diagnosed with 3 weeks of pre-treatment, such as tearing the inside of his mouth due to the assault. Group B is known to be a student who was diagnosed with emotional behavioral disorder.

Regarding this, Dr. Seo said, “We need to create a strong solution for the general infringement of teacher rights, and create a treatment institution that actively handles difficult situations in the classroom caused by children’s mental problems or disabilities, as well as laws and systems to support them. “he said.

Then he pointed out the problem of broadcasting, saying, “How many times of counseling or education? I know that there are children who are stupid or stupid amateurs or those who do not even know what to do.” He said, “The problem with programs like ‘The Golden Side’ is that they create the illusion that problems that can never be solved with the solutions presented by broadcasting can be solved.”

He said, “(These programs) make it seem like a child’s problem, which seems very serious, can be solved with a few rounds of counseling or a month or two of effort.” claimed. He continued, “It’s either a lack of skill or a lack of effort. But any psychiatrist knows that it’s not that simple.”

“There are children who are difficult to change even if they try, and many of them require long-term efforts, and such efforts require a lot of support.” I want to do it,” he criticized.

He emphasized, “We need to introduce strong methods, such as a professional approach that allows for long-term educational hospitalization, as well as the placement of one-on-one dedicated teachers (therapists) with extensive experience in behavioral treatment.” did.

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