Piljun Jang, Jaehee Lee and even Hoseong Lee… Who will be Samsung’s new 5 starters?

Who will be the new 5 starters for the Samsung Lions?

Currently, there are two holes in Samsung’s starting lineup. Yang Chang-seop, who was the fifth starter, was changed to long relief due to sluggish performance, and foreign pitcher Albert Suarez left the team for a while due to personal circumstances. Even if Suarez returns, a new 5th starter is needed to fill the position Yang Chang-seop was missing.

Therefore, Samsung has to send out substitute selections for the games on the 19th and 21st. Lee Jae-hee will be the starter against Kiwoom Heroes on the 19th, and Jang Pil-joon will start against the KIA Tigers on the 21st.

But nothing has been decided yet. Samsung coach Park Jin-man is contemplating the 5th starting candidate.

Right-hander Young Gun Lee Jae-hee took the mound in 2 games (1 start) in the Futures (2nd team) league this season, recording 1 win and 1 loss with an ERA of 6.43. He went as a starter in Game 1 of the double header against the Lotte Giants on the 6th and became the losing pitcher with 4 innings and 5 runs. In the first game of the double header against the NC Dinos on the 15th, he took the mound as the second pitcher and pitched 3 innings with 1 run (no visa) and won a salvation victory.

Veteran right-handed pitcher Jang Pil-jun rotated the starting rotation in the Futures League this year. He pitched in two games and had a 3.68 earned run average without a win or loss. He scored 2 runs in 4⅓ innings against KIA on the 7th, and in the most recent match against NC on the 15th, in the first game of the double header, he scored 1 run in 3 innings.

Both of them did not play many innings, but an emergency in the first team starters decided to put them in early. Manager Park Jin-man said, “(Although the number of pitches is small), I think it will be okay because I have been steadily preparing for the start. I hope you play the minimum role you can play because digesting innings is important for selection.”

There are 5 other candidates. This is Lee Ho-seong, a rookie right-hander born in 2004. In the 2023 rookie draft, Lee Ho-seong, wearing a Samsung uniform with the 8th overall pick in the first round, was the only rookie to board the opening entry.

He pitched in three games with the bullpen in the first team, but he was working on gradually increasing the number of pitches in preparation for a vacancy in starting. However, as the starting lineup had a hole earlier than expected, he began to prepare for the start more quickly. Lee Ho-seong, who was canceled from the 1st team on the 16th, prepares for a call-up while rotating the starting rotation in the 2nd team.

Director Park explained,토토사이트 “Since there are many changes in the starting side, Ho-seong Lee’s starting class has come a little earlier. He will have to send him out as a starter from the Futures and see how he throws.”

It is highly likely that the new 5th starting pitcher, who has been left vacant due to Yang Chang-seop’s departure, will be one of these three.

Manager Park said, “Lee Ho-seong went down to the 2nd team to prepare for the selection, and Lee Jae-hee and Jang Pil-jun, who are entering as substitute starters, are also candidates for the 5th selection. Through the competition of the three, we will confirm the remaining starting spot.”

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