At the Bodybuilding World Cup 2022 Mr. Olympia, Korean athletes performed well. In particular, Classic Physique Park Jae-hoon, who participated in Olympia for the first time, and Park Ji-bin, who appeared on the Olympia stage for two consecutive years, achieved remarkable results, brightening the future of bodybuilding in Korea.

Park Jae-hoon won the second call in the 2022 Mr. Olympia Classic Physique category held in Las Vegas, USA on the 18th (Korean time). In bodybuilding, if there are a lot of participants, it is divided into first call, second call, third call according to the ranking of the judges, and compares them to cover the detailed ranking. Normal first calls range from 1st to 6th to 8th, and second calls range from 8th to 15th. Park Jae-hoon was called the second call here. This means that it is included in at least the top 15. Considering the fact that there are around 60 Classic Physique players participating in this Olympia, it is needless to say that they achieved close to the best results.

Park Jae-hoon’s true value could already be seen in Monster Gym Pro last June. At that time, Park Jae-hoon received rave reviews from foreign head judges based on his muscle mass, separation, and confident posing ahead of foreign players, and succeeded in winning a direct ticket to Olympia by becoming the champion.

Afterwards, Park Jae-hoon, who focused on increasing his muscle mass through a high-weight program, chose a strategy to focus on diet conditioning ahead of the competition, and this matched to some extent, resulting in a second call.With Park Jae-hoon on the second call, the championship in the Classic Physique category went to Chris Bumstead without dispute. Chris Bumstead won the championship with an advantage in the championship decision judging against Ramon Dino, and from 2019 to 2022, he achieved 4 consecutive Olympia victories, proving that he is one of the world’s top fitness players.

Park Ji-bin of the bikini division made the second call at the Olympia stage, where she participated for the second year in a row. Park Ji-bin finished the Olympia with the highest score among Asian players, ranking 15th out of 50 players, proving that he is a formidable rookie.

Park Ji-bin, who had the honor of going directly to the Olympia stage for the second year in a row by winning the Monster Gym Pro last June, surpassed her seniors and rose to the Olympia stage despite her young age. Park Ji-bin, who finished warming up for the Olympia by winning the championship in Taiwan two weeks before the Olympia, showed excellent conditioning in this competition, beating out world players such as Kira Castle and achieving a high rank. 스포츠토토

Park Ji-bin ranked 15th, and Norway’s Marine Blancisco won the bikini Olympia honor. Previously, it was Bikini Olympia where fights of existing strongmen such as Janet Rayu, Ashley Kaltwerser, Elisa Peccini, and Lauri Chapados were expected, but Blancisco received high marks from the judges for her amazing muscle balance and proportions, and Jennifer Dory At the end of the final battle with Ewa, she became the main character of the championship trophy and announced the beginning of the bikini spring and autumn era.

Ahn Da-jeong in the figure category also ranked 11th, preserving the pride of Korean figures. Ahn Da-jung showed off her good body balance and shape in her figure category and earned her second call position. Following her first call in 2020 and 2021, she has proven that she is still performing well with her second call this season.

In the figure category, absolute powerhouse Sidney Gillon won the championship again, achieving a feat of 6 consecutive victories. Sidney Gillon won the championship over runner-up Jessica Reyes Padilla, extending her winning streak from 2017 to six.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited Olympia was won by Hardy Chufan, the ‘Persian Wolf’. Hardy Chupan won the 2022 Mr. Olympia by a narrow margin over Derek Lunsford and Nick Walker in the Mr. Olympia match that took place on the 18th. Chufan, who had been considered a candidate for the championship before, but had difficulties in participating in the Olympia for various reasons and did not follow his performance, finally won the Olympia title he had dreamed of and rose to the world’s best bodybuilder position. Meanwhile, last year’s champion, Big Rami, had to accept a report card of fifth place.

Sean Clarida won the Olympia 212 bodybuilding category. Sean Clarida took home the win after a close battle with Kamal El Gagni and Angel Calderon, with excellent conditioning and good upper body mass.

A change occurred in the men’s physique division. Defending champion Brandon Hendrickson, who won two consecutive victories in 2020 and 2021, was pushed by new face Erin Banks. Despite being taller than Hendrickson, Erin Banks became the main character of the 2022 Olympia Men’s Physique, showing a near-perfect body balance and a V-taper close to the best.