Park Chan-ho also makes a comeback… KIA infield competition, the last ignition

KIA shortstop Park Chan-ho (26) returned from an injury.

Park Chan-ho joined the 1st team and went through normal training prior to the exhibition match against LG held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 20th.

Park Chan-ho returned home after being excluded from the Okinawa camp in Japan due to pain in his right wrist while finishing training in Tucson, Arizona. After undergoing treatment and rehabilitation, he returned and was able to start preparations for the opening ceremony in earnest again. On this day against LG, he was excluded from the starting lineup while preparing for the second half of the game.

With Park Chan-ho returning, KIA’s infield competition is also entering its final stages.

As KIA prepared for this season, the competition for the main infield was hot. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said that all positions in the infield, except for second base, which is in charge of Kim Seon-bin, are subject to competition. In fact, while Park Chan-ho, who achieved the best results last season, is likely to be the starting shortstop, the competition has continued as the key is how to position Kim Do-young, a second-year player who can play shortstop and third baseman.

With Park Chan-ho absent, Kim Do-young and Kim Kyu-seong played as shortstops in the actual match at the second camp in Okinawa and the opening game after the demonstration game. Among them, Kim Do-young has a batting average of over 40% in demonstration games. He’s been training with weight at third base, but his defense is more on the shortstop side.

On the 19th, outfielder Lee Chang-jin returned.토토사이트 Lee Chang-jin also returned to Korea after being excluded from the Japanese camp with Park Chan-ho due to a palm injury after finishing the US camp.

The left fielder Lee Chang-jin is in charge of is also a competitive area. Although he played a big role last season, he competed with Kim Seok-hwan, Kim Ho-ryeong, and Lee Woo-sung at this year’s camp. With Lee Chang-jin’s return, the left fielder also has a final competition in the second half of the demonstration game.

KIA currently has outfielder Na Seong-beom unable to play due to left calf pain. However, he is expected to be able to play from the 22nd after resting until the 21st.

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