Oh Seung-hwan, will he find a solution himself?

The finishing pitcher for the Samsung Lions is Oh Seung-hwan (41). He is a living legend with a total of 495 saves in the KBO League (373 saves), Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB, 80 saves), and Major League Baseball (ML, 42 saves). Thorough physical management is basic, and through efforts such as changing pitching patterns, he has proven his competitiveness even when he is beyond bullying.

However, the start of this season is a bit uneasy. In his first 5 games, he earned 3 saves (1 win, 1 loss), but his earned run average (ERA) was poor at 6.35, including allowing runs in 4 games. His 0.320 batting average and 1.76 on-base allowed per inning (WHIP) are also records that are far from stable.

Oh Seung-hwan is the type of closer who intimidates opponent batters with his pitch. Even though his four-seam fastball (four-seam) velocity is reduced, his ball spin is significant thanks to his excellent grip. However, it seems that he is not enjoying the effect at the beginning of this season. He is pitching catches by increasing the proportion of changing balls such as sliders, changeups, and curveballs, but it is analyzed that the frequency of being attacked has increased because the average speed of four-seam is only 142.9km.

In the first year of the KBO League, Oh Seung-hwan’s four-seam average speed reached 146.2 km, and in 2021 it was 145.7 km, and last year it was 144.7 km, which was on the decline. Nevertheless, he consistently maintained around 145 km/h, but this year the situation is a little different. His four-seam average velocity exceeded 143 km, and the match against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 8th in Gyeonggi-do (144.3 km) was the only one.

Seung-hwan Oh had a sluggish monthly ERA of 12.79 (2 losses and 1 hold) last year, and his four-seam average speed was only 143.1 km in July. Considering that he’s fully recovered with a 1.74 ERA (4 wins, 13 saves) since August when he regained his average velocity, the link between his four-seam velocity and performance cannot be completely ignored.

Of course there is hope.토토사이트 Oh Seung-hwan has always overcome his crisis in his own way. He thoroughly followed the routine, maintained optimal physical condition, and experimented with various pitches to bring victory to the team. This is possible thanks to his rich know-how. It remains to be seen what other solutions Oh Seung-hwan will come up with.

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