Oh Chang-rok, Gangneung Dano Trade Competition Halla trader crowned… 13th overall win

Oh Chang-rok (MG Saemaul Geumgo), who boasted the best skills in the Halla class, enjoyed the joy of winning his 13th championship by climbing onto the flower palanquin for the first time after transferring to the team.

On the 24th, Oh Chang-rok defeated Kim Moo-ho (Ulju-gun Office) 3-1 in the Halla Jangsa (under 105kg) final (5 out of 3) at the Ssireum Stadium in the Gangneung Dano Festival venue in Gangneung, Gangwon-do. and won the championship.

With this, Oh Chang-rok achieved his first win since moving the team to the new team Saemaeul Vault in January. The Saemaul Geumgo club’s first win was Jang Seong-woo메이저놀이터, who won the Baekdu class in the Pyeongchang Ssireum Championship last April.

With the win, Oh Chang-rok rose to the top for the 13th time in his personal career.

Oh Chang-rok defeated Nam Won-taek (Yeongwol-gun Office) 2-0 in the quarterfinals and won 2-1 in the semi-final match against Park Min-gyo (Yongin City Hall).

In the first round of the finals, Oh Chang-rok succeeded in overpowering the team as a field keeper, but in the second round, he was defeated by Kim Moo-ho’s push, making it 1-1.

In the third round, Oh Chang-rok won by pushing and avenged his previous defeat.

In the fourth round, Oh Chang-rok was defeated by Kim Moo-ho’s kick back, but as a result of the video review, the rematch was declared an over-the-counter match, and he took a breather.

In the reopened match, Kim Moo-ho received two warnings and Oh Chang-rok won the third victory.

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