Of the 15 construction companies with many ‘apartment defects’, 5 are ‘Top 10 in construction ability evaluation’

With the missing rebar incident drawing attention to the problem of apartment defects, 5 of the 15 companies that received the most defects in apartment complexes over the past 5 years were included in the ‘Top 10’ in construction ability evaluation. ‘ It turned out to be a company. Representative Heo Young of the Democratic Party of Korea, a member of the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee of the National Assembly, announced on the 3rd that this was the result of analyzing the ‘ Status of defect judgments for apartment complexes by construction company from 2019 to 2023’

received from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport . By company, DL construction had the most cases with 899 cases. GS Construction, which triggered the recent rebar missing incident, ranked second with 678 cases. This was followed by 626 cases of Jungheung Construction, 444 cases of HDC Hyundai Development Company, 403 cases of Doosan Engineering & Construction, 374 cases of Daewoo Engineering & Construction, 344 cases of Lotte Engineering & Construction, 283 cases of DL E&C, 267 cases of SM Merchant Marine, 263 cases of Daebang Construction , 241 cases of Hoban Industry, and 241 cases of Gyeryong Construction. Industrial was followed by 228 cases, Hyundai Engineering & Construction 214 cases, Hanyang 180 cases, and Daemyung Construction 179 cases. Among these 15 companies, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (2nd), Daewoo Engineering & Construction (3rd), GS Engineering & Construction (5th), DL

E&C (6th) and Lotte Engineering & Construction (8th) are representative안전놀이터 companies in the domestic construction industry that ranked in the top 10 in this year’s construction capability evaluation rankings.

In addition, HDC Hyundai Development Company (11th), DL Construction (13th), Daebang Construction (14th), Jungheung Construction (15th), and Gyeryong Construction Industry (18th) are included in the top 20.

The construction capability evaluation ranking is determined by comprehensively evaluating construction performance, management status, and technical capabilities. Therefore, it is a reliable indicator that clients use as various standards in public and private construction. Among the top 15 companies in the number of defect judgments, GS

Engineering & Construction had the highest number of defect review applications (based on the number of defects) at 3,141. This was followed by Jungheung Construction (2,167 cases) and HDC Hyundai Development Company (1,955 cases). The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport operates a Defect Review Dispute Mediation Committee that mediates disputes between project operators and residents over defects in apartment complexes. Since the decision of the Defect Review and Dispute Mediation Committee has the same effect as a court decision, if it is determined to be a ‘defect’, the project entity must repair the defect, and if it fails to do so, a fine of up to 10 million won will be imposed.

Representative Heo Young said, “As there are concerns about the safety of people’s housing due to the recent series of missing rebars, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport must do its best to manage defects to improve the housing quality of apartment complexes.” He added, “Construction ability evaluation rankings announced every year through defect determination statistics. “As it has been proven that this has nothing to do with construction quality, the current evaluation system must be improved as soon as possible,” he pointed out.

[Table] Status of defect determinations for apartment complexes from 2019 to 2023

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