Now Bae Ji-hwan is the hottest man in the league… Highest in batting average, throwing images of track and field players

Bae Ji-hwan (24, Pittsburgh), who was included in the major league opening roster for the first time in his personal career this season, drew the league’s attention with quick feet during the month of April. He competed for first place in the league in the speed from plate appearance to first base, and succeeded in stealing 9 bases in the month of April alone.메이저놀이터

But apart from that, his batting performance wasn’t all that impressive. Bae Ji-hwan’s April batting average was 0.234, and his April on-base percentage was 0.280, which was not so unusual. His OPS, the sum of his on-base percentage and slugging percentage, was 0.605, which was below the league average. Although his quick feet were highlighted, it was not a batting average that would make him a steadfast starter.

Since he doesn’t have much major league experience, there was trial and error. He also had a tendency to hit with his feet, such as bunts, rather than making his batted ball. It means that his athleticism in both offense and defense stood out more than his batting skills. He was criticized by some for being more like a track and field player than a baseball player.

However, after May, no one would criticize Bae Ji-hwan like that. His batting performance has been steadily improving, and he has recently been producing runs that are above league average. In April, I was worried that the batted ball speed did not come out well, but from May, that problem seems to be improving. In particular, on the last 20 days, he stood tall as one of the players with the best batting average in the league. I can see it growing steadily.

Bae Ji-hwan recorded a batting average of 0.304, an on-base percentage of 0.360, and an OPS of 0.751 in 69 at-bats in 24 games in May. OPS during this period is higher than league average. It’s not that he lacks in long hits, but his batting average of 0.304 and on-base percentage of 0.360 are not to be taken lightly. There aren’t many players in Pittsburgh who have had batting averages this month, and May is especially significant given that the team’s hitting has been somewhat stagnant.

In particular, if you divide the last 20 days or so, Bae Ji-hwan’s batting performance shines more. From May 20 (Korean time) to the 8th, Bae Ji-hwan’s batting average was one of the best in the league. Bae Ji-hwan appeared in 15 games during this period and digested 51 at-bats, and his batting average reached a whopping 0.370. His on-base percentage was a higher 0.420.

Bae Ji-hwan’s batting average is at the top of all major league players with more than 50 at-bats during this period. The player with the highest batting average based on 50 or more at-bats during this period is Luis Arares (Miami), who is challenging the .400 batting average this year and surprising the league, with a 0.453.

Josh Young (.394) of the Texas Rangers ranked second, Witt Merrifield (.381) of Toronto, who had a fine hitting from the start, and Freddy Freeman (.373), one of the Dodgers’ signature hitters, ranked fourth. In fifth place was Spencer Steer (.373), who is being reborn as the center of Cincinnati. Bae Ji-hwan is next.

During this period, Bae Ji-hwan’s adjusted score production (wRC+) is 150. He showed off 50% better production than league average. He has a lot of hits in the infield, but it’s clear he’s on the rise in hitting. The defense is also finding a sense of stability by going back and forth between second base and center field, and the stolen base pace, which had been cut off for a while, got back on track by adding four more during this period.

Bae Ji-hwan, who started with a good batting average of 0.286 in June, recorded a batting average of 0.327 even against left-handed hitters and was reborn as a player who can be played at any time. He makes mistakes, but it is also the belief of the Pittsburgh coaching staff that he will learn from them and become stronger. At least he’s a player who doesn’t have to worry about going to the minor leagues anymore. Bae Ji-hwan’s first season as a full-timer is progressing on a positive note.

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