“No symptoms of discomfort” Imminent return to the national team selection… Injury ward out of breath

 “I didn’t feel any special discomfort in my body.”

KT Wiz’s Joon Sohn (22) is accelerating his recovery from injury. On the 23rd, Joon Sohn held his second bullpen pitching at Jamsil Baseball Stadium. It has been three days since he threw 20 pitches in his first bullpen pitching on the 20th at his home stadium, Suwon kt Wiz Park.

So Joon So-jun started against the Suwon LG Twins on the 2nd and received a shocking report card of 10 hits, 2 walks, 1 strikeout and 9 runs in 2⅓ innings. No matter how ups and downs there were, it was a pitch that was not like So-Jun Sohn, but sure enough, there was something wrong with his body. After being diagnosed with a right forearm sprain on the 4th and missing from the first team entry, he has been focusing on his rehabilitation.

Joon Sohn satisfactorily completed his second condition check. He threw a total of 36 pitches, using all pitches except for his two-seam fastball to see how his pitches were.

So Joon So-jun said, “I pitched for the second time today (23rd), and overall I am satisfied that I can throw the ball as I want. I did not feel any special discomfort in my body.”

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol has not yet decided on a specific return date for So Joon So-jun. Coach Lee revealed the prerequisite for the call-up, saying, “If he throws today and there is no pain, he will be sent to the second team to run and raise the game. He must raise the number of pitches.”

So Joon So-jun said, “Now I’m going to the actual game, but it’s important to throw the balls that I can be satisfied with in the actual game. I want to come back healthy and help the team.”

Since the opening of this season, kt has been struggling a bit due to injuries. As of the 23rd, they are in 6th place with 7 wins, 8 losses and 2 draws. In addition to So Joon So, we cannot ignore the aftermath of the departure of a number of key players due to injuries, including pitchers Kim Min-su and Ju Kwon, infielder Hwang Jae-gyun, and outfielder Bae Jung-dae. 안전놀이터

At a young age, Joon Sohn grew rapidly into a player representing not only kt but also the country. He won 13 wins in his debut season in 2020 and won the Rookie of the Year title, and last year, he recorded 13 wins and 6 losses in 27 games, 171⅓ innings, and an average ERA of 3.05, announcing the appearance of kt’s next ace. In March, he was also selected as a representative of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) and stood on the mound wearing a Taegeuk mark.

If a healthy Joon Sohn rejoins the starting rotation in the near future, kt will be able to operate the mound with a little more calculation. Along with the strengthening of the selection, the bullpen, where Kim Min-soo and Sovereignty left, can breathe a little more.

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