‘Naughty gangster’ becomes the center of a giant with the league’s first home run

As if kicked out of his former team for violent behavior, the player who wore the uniform of Yomiuri Giants, Japan’s most prestigious team, became the core of Yomiuri’s batting line.

This is the story of Nakata Sho (34), former RBI kingpin (three innings) in Japanese professional baseball.

His baseball life, which had been driven to the brink of retirement because he had nowhere to go, began to work out again. It was more meaningful in that he cut off all the noise and took his place with his skills.

For Nakata, who was accused of being a troublemaker and violent criminal, it couldn’t be more thrilling.

In August 2021, when he was a member of Nippon Ham, Nakata was found to have assaulted his junior player and was suspended indefinitely.

Although the player’s life was on the verge of ending, coach Hara Yomiuri, who has full control over the management of the Yomiuri club, began to recruit and live a new life.

However, his first year ended in a bad season. He suffered greatly last year with a batting average of 0.171, 7 homers and 20 RBIs in 73 games.

After the season, he had to renew the contract for an annual salary of 150 million yen (about 1.3 billion won), a whopping 190 million yen (about 1.8 billion won) cut from the 2021 annual salary of 340 million yen (about 3.3 billion won).

However, over the past year, it has started to rise little by little.

He played in 109 games and stretched with a batting average of 0.269, 24 home runs and 69 RBIs. Slowly his giant gun instinct came to life.

He settled down with an annual salary of 300 million yen (about 3 billion won) and a three-year contract.

He has established himself as an indispensable player this season. The home run gun spewed fire and emerged as the center of the team at once.

As of the 25th, Nakata has hit 5 home runs. This is a figure that ranks first in the Central League alone.

His batting average is not very high at 0.247,스포츠토토 but he shows the ability to hit a single shot at any time, and he is in charge of one axis of the team-centered batting line.

The league home run title is a symbolic record that announces that Nakata, who had fallen into the abyss of the baseball world, has risen again as the center of Japanese professional baseball.

It remains to be seen whether Nakata will be able to restore the honor of both the team and the individual by continuing to hit hard until the end of the season.

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