“My stomach hurts.” Appendicitis → peritonitis spread, British Jamboree crew, overcoming the crisis with emergency surgery

In the aftermath of Typhoon ‘Kanun’, a member of the British Jamboree, who was digesting the remaining schedule in Incheon, recovered his health after undergoing surgery for acute appendicitis (appendicitis) with the help of medical staff at Gachon University Gil Hospital. The diagnosis was missed and the condition had already spread to peritonitis, but the crisis was overcome thanks to the prompt response of the medical staff waiting at the scene.

According to Gachon University Gil Hospital on the 11th, Professor Kim Seong-min of Surgery successfully performed laparoscopic surgery on Miss A, a British national, who developed acute appendicitis while visiting Korea to attend the ’25th World Scout Jamboree’ event.

On the 7th, at around 7:00 PM, Miss A complained of severe abdominal pain along with high fever, and visited the medical support booth at the Golden Tulip Incheon Airport Hotel. The medical team, who suspected peritonitis due to the aspect of abdominal pain, quickly moved Miss A to the hospital emergency room using an ambulance from Gachon University Gil Hospital, which was waiting at the scene. The diagnosis was peritonitis due to acute appendicitis. Acute appendicitis, commonly called appendicitis, is a disease with a high incidence in a relatively young age group, characterized by severe pain in the right lower abdomen. If the pain gets worse when you press between the right pelvis and navel, you can suspect appendicitis. It shows symptoms similar to acute body weight loss, such as anorexia, nausea, and abdominal distension, but the pain gets worse as time goes by. If the treatment period is missed, perforation occurs in which a hole is formed in the appendix, and as a result, bacteria proliferating in the appendix flow into the abdominal cavity and deteriorate into peritonitis. In the case of Miss A, peritonitis had already progressed, and the inflammation had spread widely in the peritoneum. In acute appendicitis, it is important to start treatment within 24 hours of the onset of minimal symptoms. This is because the more severe the inflammation, the more complicated the surgery and the higher the risk of complications안전놀이터.

The medical staff at Gil Hospital decided to perform an emergency operation, and the next day, on the 8th, the operation was performed through a laparoscopic under the supervision of Professor Kim. The laparoscopic method, in which a laparoscope is inserted through a small hole in the abdomen, has the advantage of a shorter recovery period and less scarring than open surgery in which the abdomen is directly cut at the appendix. Thanks to the prompt response of the medical staff, Miss A, who underwent surgery quickly without exceeding the golden time, is recovering her condition as of the morning of the 11th. Miss A’s mother also hurriedly entered the country in the afternoon of the previous day (10th) and is guarding Miss A’s side. It is said that both patients and guardians were able to receive treatment safely in other countries thanks to the coordinator in charge of Gachon University Gil Hospital International Medical Center communicating closely throughout the entire process from transfer to surgery.

Professor Kim said, “Looking at the condition before the surgery, the pain would have been severe, but fortunately, thanks to arriving at the hospital not too late, the surgery went well.”

Gachon University Gil Hospital dispatched medical staff to provide support as heat-related illnesses and injuries continued to appear at the Jamboree event held in Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do from the 2nd. Due to the influence of the typhoon, the World Scout Federation decided to evacuate the Saemangeum campsite early, and the members had to spend the rest of their schedule in the metropolitan area. The medical support team at Gil Hospital, which includes Vice President Cho Yong-gyun of Department 1, Director Jong-yoon Moon of the Public Medical Project Group, as well as nurses, international medical coordinators, and emergency medical technicians, is divided into two teams, with about 600 Jamboree participants staying at the ‘Incheon University Songdo Campus’ and ‘Golden It is providing medical services to about 300 people staying at the Tulip Incheon Airport Hotel.

Kim Woo-gyeong, director of Gachon University Gil Hospital, said, “I wish for a speedy recovery for patients who are undergoing surgical treatment unexpectedly in a foreign country.” I will do my best,” he said.

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