My daughter is dying… The story of a father who appeared wearing a wig in a dress

The story of a Thai father who dressed as a woman and attended a ‘Mother’s Day’ event for his daughter without a mother is conveyed and touched.

According to Thai media The Tiger on the 15th, Joy (48) appeared안전놀이터 dressed as a woman at her mother’s day event held at her school recently for her adopted daughter Cream (15). He shared a video of the event on

his social network service ( SNS ) with a message saying, “If my mother has to attend Mother’s Day, I can be your mother too.”

In the released video, Joy was shown wearing a long wig and a plaid dress. Cream found her father and smiled brightly as he cradled her father in his arms, while Joey kissed her daughter on the forehead.

“We talked to each other about what to do this Mother’s Day,” Joy said in an interview with the media. “I didn’t want my daughter to feel ignored. She was not at all ashamed to wear crossdressing,” he said.

“I’m not a real father, but I will do my best to take care of her daughter,” he said.

Joy’s daughter also said, “I’m very happy that my father dressed up as a woman to attend the Mother’s Day event.”

Thai netizens who heard the story responded such as “Lovely,” “You are everything to a daughter,” “This is love,” and “Daughters will love their fathers as much as their fathers love their daughters.”

Meanwhile, in Thailand, there are voices that Mother’s Day celebrations can hurt children who do not have mothers. Some schools have decided to eliminate Mother’s Day events this year.

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