Musk “Delisting Tesla”… ‘56.2 billion won’ bomb in one Twitter post

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was forced to pay more than 50 billion won in compensation due to a single post on Twitter. Musk advocated freedom of expression, but authorities thought differently.

This is Washington correspondent Kim Pil-gyu.


This is what Elon Musk posted on Twitter five years ago.

“We are considering converting Tesla into an unlisted company 토토사이트at $420 per share. Funding has been secured.”

Ultimately, this means that after purchasing all the stocks for a higher amount of money, the company will delist them.

Investors flocked and the stock price soared, but just three weeks later, Musk canceled this plan.

Moreover, it was revealed that investment funds had not been secured.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed charges of securities fraud, and shareholders filed a class action lawsuit against Musk and Tesla.

The Securities and Exchange Commission ordered investors to compensate for the $80 million in losses they suffered from this one tweet.

After a long lawsuit, the New York federal court approved payment of about half of that amount, or $41.53 million, or about 56.2 billion won.

When payments begin from the fund created by Musk and Tesla, 3,350 investors will receive an average of $12,400, or approximately 16 million won, each.

As these words and actions continued to cause controversy, the Securities and Exchange Commission required that each post be approved by a lawyer, which Musk strongly opposed.

[Elon Musk (2019, CBS , USA)Broadcast): Hey. Freedom of expression is fundamental to the First Amendment to the Constitution. To be clear, I do not respect the SEC

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