“More than anyone else, I aspire to win”… Oh Se-geun dominates the championship game

The championship match between Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation and Seoul SK drew attention from the beginning with several ‘confrontations’. Jamil Warney (SK) and Omari Spellman (KGC), who competed for the top foreigner spot in the regular league for two consecutive years, competed for pride, and Kim Sun-hyeong (SK) and Byun Jun-hyung (KGC) competed fiercely for MVP. was the center

In that gap, Oh Se-geun (35, KGC) dominates the series.

Oh Se-geun played 37 minutes and 5 seconds in the third game on the 30th, recording 23 points and 9 rebounds. He led KGC to victory by scoring the most points while playing the most time among both teams.

Oh Se-geun, who exploded with 21 points and 16 rebounds while playing 36 minutes and 31 seconds in Game 1, also played 31 minutes and 37 seconds in Game 2, recording 21 points and 9 rebounds. He also scored the most goals on the team in the second game.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

After losing the first game, KGC won the second and third games and started to lead with 2 wins and 1 loss. KGC’s main scorers are also Spellman and Byun Jun-hyeong. However, since the start of the championship match, both have been unexpectedly silent. Spellman has been showing his ups and downs in Game 3, going completely off the bench in the second quarter after failing to score in the first quarter. Byun Jun-hyung, who led KGC to victory in the regular season, also scored 11 points in the first game and 13 points in the second game, and scored only two points in the third game.

SK’s Warney and Kim Seon-hyeong, who exploded side by side in the first game, were sluggish in the second and third games. Their silence eventually led to SK’s defeat. Oh Se-geun is the only one who is bringing the flow of the series to KGC by scoring more than 20 points throughout the 3rd game.

KGC finished 3rd in the regular league last season and advanced to the championship match, but lost the championship to SK, who were in 1st place in the regular league, with only one win. At that time, Oh Se-geun was sluggish. The third game (21 points), in which Oh Se-geun was the only one to score more than 20 points, was also the only game KGC won. Veteran Oh Se-geun is the player who is the most curious about this championship match, which we met again just like SK.

Oh Se-geun said, “Lost last season motivated me a lot. He wants to win more than anyone else. I also want to show that I am still alive and well. So, I really want to win this time.”

It was a shocking result to lose the first game to SK, who had been playing since the playoffs in the 6th round, and give it first by 8 points. However, after winning the second game, KGC turned the atmosphere around by winning the third game with a come-from-behind victory. SK is starting to show signs of exhaustion.

While Spellman and Byun Jun-hyung were quiet, Oh Se-geun, who led KGC to two consecutive victories, said, “I think that the fact that Spellman and Byun Jun-hyung have not exploded yet can be a good thing for us. In the next game and the game after that, if Spellman and Junhyung break out, we can play better.”

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