“Messi is better than Ronaldo” Kim Seon-hyung “Now I can judge”

This season’s professional basketball championship match was truly a ‘previous match’.

It is impossible to leave out the performance of this player in the box office success that is close to selling out all games.

Reporter Kim Tae-woon met SK player Kim Seon-hyung, who said he was happy even though he didn’t win.안전놀이터

Seonhyung Kim’s splendid play that captivated the fans.

In particular, his spirited performance in the last 7 games was enough to receive applause from everyone.

“I can’t even see the score. I just see the goalpost. I was very happy while running, and it’s an honor to work with the fans…” To Kim Sun-hyung, who feels relieved by pouring out everything as if squeezing out used toothpaste

. I asked the truth.

Q. Is the MVP of this championship game better than Oh Se-geun?

“From the first question… ‘I lost, but Kim Seon-hyung didn’t lose’ was very comforting to me.

Q. The best guard in KBL is Kim Seon-hyung?
“I think we showed it through this championship match.”

At the age of 36, he was in his second prime, breaking his personal best record.

I feel new about how young I was 10 years ago.

“I don’t like his hair. He doesn’t even do a down perm. But he looks fresh.”

Now, the values ​​that are important to us have also changed.

<Among soccer players, is there a player you like the most and keep an eye on?>
“Ronaldo. Should I say he’s cool?”

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